major arcana wheel of fortuneTarot Wisdom The Wheel of Fortune

Life travels in cycles, with natural ebbs and flows. The only constants in life are motion and change. No matter where you are; you are always in motion. The Earth itself is constantly moving. Resisting change and cycles is futile and fruitless, and often leads to unnecessary suffering. This card teaches respect for the natural patterns of life. The seasons come full circle, day and night also form a circle. Without all parts, the whole could not exist. Life is sustained by the combination of day/night summer/winter. Embrace change and cyclical returns in life, knowing that all serve a higher purpose that may be greater than our understanding.

Position 1: Background | Present Concern

The wheel speaks of cycles of destiny and change in progress and the associated concerns and unexpected surprises that these changes often bring.

Position 2: Your Drive and Motivations

You feel the need to pin down a reason for what is happening to you, to gain insight and shed light on a confusing turn of events in your life.

Position 3: What’s Blocking You – Fears and Subconscious

You are troubled by the unexpected. Anything that comes up suddenly tends to throw you off balance. You may be feeling intrinsically dissatisfied at the moment. Feeling as though you need to regain your footing. Turbulence and resistance to what is make it difficult to go with the flow or find new opportunities.

Position 4: Perspective and Further Awareness – What you Need to See Clearly

Chaotic situations often are a precursor to a new way of life, the beginning of something better than what you have known. If things always remained the same, there would be no betterment. Hang on, as a new way of life is about to begin for you. You benefit in life when you learn to enjoy the ride and accept the predictability of the unpredictable. Change is constant.

Position 5: Course of Action

Don’t get stuck on the status quo or the plans you make. The best fortune comes to those who roll with the changes and let things be as they will. Life is full of changes, accept that and the full range of life opens up to you, resist it and you will always feel a need to struggle. Peace comes by relinquishing the need for a sense of control which is an illusion. In the absence of that struggle; you free yourself to see and embrace new ideas and opportunities.

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