Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning – 3 Card Tarot

three of wands tarotFree 3 Card Tarot Reading Three of Wands


This is a card of blazing new trails and trying new things. It can indicate entering into a new healthy lifestyle and initiating changes to promote better health. The start of a lifestyle change. It may also indicate changing treatments or trying an alternative approach to a previous condition as well.


In this card the man is a pioneer, he looks over distant horizons ever hopeful and inspired by the journey ahead. He doesn’t talk himself out of trying new things or expressing himself. This card depicts the necessity of change for growth. At this time, you would do well to explore areas where change would be to your benefit.


This is the card of the pioneering spirit, moving into the new and unknown, exploring new horizons. Spiritually speaking this card can indicate a period of spiritual exploration or working to find the path that best suits you. Perhaps you have been questioning some things and are seeking more knowledge or a more personal connection with your Source.

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