ten of pentacles tarot cardTarot Wisdom The Ten of Pentacles (Coins)

In this card, we see the man and woman come together, shaking hands, the uniting of opposites and coming together for the common good. They walk in different directions but meet in the center.

Also present are the dogs, representing unconditional love. The elder on a throne symbolizing wisdom, and lush vegetation representing life and sustenance.  This card reminds us of the value and worth of all beings, and the need to be in a harmonious environment where that respect is present.

Position 1: Background | Present Concern

Focuses on coming to terms with something you have been avoiding, family matters, the home. Reconciling differences, coming to mutually beneficial terms.

Position 2: Your Drive and Motivations

You want to better your relationships with others and hope a new approach will establish better, more agreeable conditions.

Position 3: What’s Blocking You – Fears and Subconscious

Problems in relationships, arguments or disagreements, feeling unappreciated or taken for granted. Basing ones sense of self-worth on other people’s attitudes/behaviors. Inability to set proper boundaries.

Position 4: Perspective and Further Awareness – What you Need to See Clearly

People treat us the way we allow them to. It would follow then that if you want to be treated with compassion and understanding, you should first honor and respect yourself.  Doing this attracts relationships that mirror those qualities of respect, allowing you to find and enter into healthier relationships based on mutual understanding, respect, and trust.

Position 5: Course of Action

Now is the time to work towards bringing yourself into more harmonious relationships and/or circumstances. Cooperation and compromise are necessary, but we should never go against what we know to be right for ourselves to please another. If you don’t feel comfortable being who you are around others, it may be time to change environments to one that works to the benefit of the whole.

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