Daily Tarot Reflections Justice Tarot Card

Tarot Reflections Justice Tarot Card

Tarot Reflections Justice

Tarot Reflections Justice Tarot CardThis card reminds us that true justice is an act of mercy, not cruelty. Often we look at justice as “an eye for an eye” and not as an act of discipline. Discipline is not the same as punishment and it doesn’t enact revenge. This card reminds us that to reach our fullest potential, we must learn to become self-disciplined while releasing self-sabotaging habits like punishing or berating ourselves.

Often we try to live up to concepts or ideals that are impossible to attain. This leads to setting yourself up for certain failure. When this card comes up we are told to reflect on ways that we are unjust to ourselves. Time to stop exacting punishment and develop acceptance and compassion. Negativity is a repeating cycle that must be recognized, understood, and then broken.

Today be mindful of the demands you place on yourself. If you haven’t been disciplined enough lately; tighten the reigns a bit. Now is a good time set clear, decisive intentions and follow them up with inspired action. Direct your thoughts and deeds in healthy directions.

If you are facing decisions and feeling a bit confused; this card reminds you of the importance of level-headed choices not based solely on fear or passion, but considered judiciously and fairly – just like a judge in court.
If you can’t set aside emotions enough to be objective, own it and seek out a second objective opinion before making any rash decisions.

Questions for Reflection

  • Do you engage in self-sabotaging habits like negative self-talk?
    Do you accept things in others you would never accept in yourself?
    Do you have realistic expectations?

Daily Tarot Reflections Death Tarot Card

tarot reflections death tarot card

Daily Tarot Reflections Death

tarot reflections death tarot cardAlthough today’s card is actually widely feared and misunderstood – I find it to be one of my personal favorites. The infamous “Death” card with the hooded reaper seems ominous – but in fact it speaks of transition rather than finality or tragedy. Think of times in your life where an ending led to a fresh start that dramatically improved your life.

This card often comes up for renewal after a challenge or a new beginning after something ends.

This is the most feared and most widely misunderstood card in a Tarot Deck. The Death card does indicate a time of great changes being present. It also indicates leaving the past behind to start fresh, or to find new opportunities designed to further you in a different direction. It speaks of transition rather than final endings.

When this card comes up, it always indicates a period of progress. Sometimes this process can be painful at first. It’s hard to leave behind what we have come to know, but without change, growth wouldn’t be possible. In order to fly, a newly formed butterfly must struggle to break free from its cocoon. The struggle strengthens its wings. Without that struggle, the wings shrivel and the butterfly dies without ever experiencing the freedom of flight.

Sometimes we remain in “comfort zones” simply because they are familiar, although they offer us no place to stretch our wings. Sometimes life has a way of shaking things up when we need to get moving. The Death card speaks of these types of changes.

The Phoenix bird is a good way to view this card. Be like this legendary bird and rise up out of your own ashes to begin again. Regeneration and a new way of life are possible, look for the hidden opportunities. Our biggest challenges give birth to our greatest achievements because we find out what we are really made of.

Now is a good time to restore your faith in God/The Universe, and yourself. Embrace change because it is inevitable and with it comes opportunity; without it comes a lack of true living – or “death”.

Questions for Reflection

What do I need to sacrifice to reach my fullest potential?
Has resisting change been holding me back?
How can I best to adapt to current changes to make the most of the situation?

Daily Tarot Reflections The King of Cups Tarot Card

Tarot Inspirations King of Cups

Tarot Inspirations King of CupsThe King and Queen cards always speak of leadership, positive personal expression, but also working for the good of all around you. This particular King represents those who have deep emotional lives, sometimes complex/conflicting emotions that may need to be balanced so that more objective choices can be made.

When this King comes up he reminds you to work towards peace by making it a priority in your life. We can’t always change our circumstances and other people will be who they are etc. however, we can choose to live an empowered life by recognizing our choices and how they affect us personally and also those around us. We can choose to pour our passion and emotion into a “good cause” and choose peace rather than succumb to anxiety, petty quarrels and the like.

Use your power to make wise decisions today. Avoid making any hasty choices and don’t allow emotions to take over. This is a day for creative expression, and to create peace wherever you go. If little things act up, take a deep breath and press on 🙂

Tarot Reflections The Five of Pentacles

tarot reflections five of coins

five of pentacles tarot cardThe Five of Coins says to make good use of teamwork. Don’t try to go major projects alone or feel you have to take on more than you are capable of to make a good impression or avoid judgment.  Many people feel pressured in modern society to appear strong or perfect – and the result is many people who suffer from burn out because they are too busy trying to do everything and in the process get lost.

Not a great time for investments on a material level. This card also asks you to take inventory of all of your investments: relationships, monetary, time all of your various ‘investments” and really analyze them. Things often appear wonderful on the surface, but when you dig a little deeper you may find that your time, money, and heart may be better invested elsewhere.  See lesson above – if you are devoting too much energy and feeling a sense of hardship or starvation – it’s time to reassess and reinvest.

Better choices will be made by being willing to work within the structure of a group format. Progress may be stalled or even stopped by failure to work out mutual agreements.

This card also depicts feelings of isolation or alienation that sometimes come up. Look for others of like mind or similar situations that can help you or are on the other side of a challenge you are facing. Also, be on the look out for opportunities to lend a hand to others who may need you to help them get back on their feet.

Understanding Tarot The Hierophant

tarot reflections the hierophant

tarot reflections the hierophantThe Hierophant is a card of great wisdom, leadership and finding the balance between self and others. Many of us take on leadership roles – in our homes, careers etc. As a leader, it is important to consider how your actions will impact others; but it is also important to ensure that your own needs are met and that you are not giving so much away that you neglect your own needs.

In other words, honor and respect your role as a leader, but do so in a way that also honors the self. Learn to listen, to consider all aspects of a situation and work consciously to create solutions that work to everyone’s benefit. That is what true leadership entails.

The Hierophant in a Tarot Reading

The Hierophant is the priest, the spiritual leader, and a traditionalist. He comes up often when we are involved in important decisions that will impact both self and others. He calls on us to contemplate situations with great reverence and well-rounded thought. In some instances, he can speak of the benefits/consequences of adhering to tradition depending on the cards surrounding him. Sometimes we have to part with old ways to find new opportunities; and other times, it’s better to stick with well-established techniques.

Personal Reflection

  • How are your actions impacting those around you?
  • Are you considering both self and others in your decision making processes?
  • In what ways can you become a better leader?
  • Are you a leader in your own life as well, leading by example?

Meaning of Hierophant Tarot Card