Daily Tarot Reflections The Sun

I love the Sun card and its symbolism. It is a reminder of our personal power, the energy we send out and what we can potentially become when we recognize our own worth.

The Sun is responsible for the live giving energy that keeps us on this planet growing and thriving. Within the heart of each one of us is also a core of power – a life force energy that creates and gives life to our thoughts and ideas.

Have you ever looked at the stars at night and thought how far away and small they looked? Millions of little pin dots all through the universe. The truth is though, that each of those is a “sun” a powerful source of energy whose light reaches through the universe. We see the stars and think of them as small, detached, far away – but they are all a powerful part of the universe. We tend to look at ourselves as detached, small and far away as well – think about that for awhile… You are larger than you think you are.

The Sun indicates a period of sustenance and support. When this card comes up know that you are being guided and supported by the universe. If you’ve been feeling a bit out of touch lately with your life purpose, or finding goals difficult to reach, the Sun card reminds you to get in touch with your source. Tap into that deep inner wisdom and intuition, not what your mind “thinks” you want to hear. Now is a time for growth through building a positive foundation.

When the Sun appears in a daily spread it tells us to also ensure that we are properly sustaining ourselves in all areas. Just like plants need the suns energy to grow and thrive, we also have vital needs that must be fulfilled,not only physically, but emotionally,mentally,and spiritually as well.

The Sun also symbolizes power and raw energy. Now is a good time to work with this energy and direct it towards positive goals. Where our thoughts go our energy follows, so pay attention today to the areas where you are directing your vital energy. Make any necessary revisions. Don’t underestimate the creative power you have within yourself.