Free Tarot Course The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot Reflections The PriestessIn this card we see the woman poised between opposing sides of a situation, she sits with the book of wisdom in her lap, and the moon, which represents emotions, lies beneath her feet. She appears serene and detached, looking silently within for her answers.

Her intuition and keen sense of logic serve her well. You won’t pull the wool over this queen’s eyes. She reminds us of the importance of detaching from issues before making important decisions, the need to take careful, decisive action, rather than engage in reaction.

She doesn’t become cold or emotionless, but her emotions stay at her feet, which allows her to still be empathetic without becoming overwhelmed.

The Priestess is the card that represents the higher feminine energy. She symbolizes intuition, the subconscious, “hidden” knowledge/wisdom, the ability to connect directly to your “higher self”, the balance between polarities, and personal power.

Learn to trust your instincts/intuition to guide you through any stressful or uncertain moments. She is wonderfully symbolic of accessing that “still silent center” She reminds us that we are always in control of our lives through the choices we make. No matter what happens in the outer world, within us is a place of power and peace, where each of us can connect with divine guidance and gain more insight into the deeper meaning/lessons behind our circumstances.