Tarot Personality Card The Fool

Every Tarot card has personality traits associated with it.  These can be helpful when looking at other people, but also for personal reflection.  Perhaps you want to know what your greatest strengths and challenges are? The cards can give great insight into the personality and help you develop strengths and face your weaknesses.

The Fool

The Fool Tarot CardThe Fool personality is someone who is youthful in their approach to life.  They are naturally curious, open to new experiences and they tend to be rather adaptable to change.  They are sometimes a bit “flaky” as they are very in the moment and not overly concerned about the future.

Not the best planners, but they are more spontaneous and free-spirited than others, which opens their eyes to possibilities that might go unnoticed by those around them.

Their greatest strength can be their detachment.  They are able to leave the past behind and not remain stuck there. They are also able to fully enjoy the present moment and that can open this person to a range of experiences that others might miss or take for granted.

The challenges with the Fool personality can be a tendency to not plan well, to only “fly by the seat of their pants” and as a result, they often trip over challenges that could have been preventable with a bit of foresight and planning.

When properly balanced, the adventurous openness of this card is rare and refreshing.  It is the ability to embrace life and really live it with arms wide open.