Understanding Tarot The Emperor

tarot inspirations by Christin spiritualguidancetarot.com the Emperor

Today’s Tarot lesson is an important one and I love the Emperor card so much for it.  There is a difference in life between self-discipline and punishment.  Those who reach goals consistently are keenly aware of this difference.

Discipline requires effort, but it is an effort that is not burdened by self-defeat, negative self-talk, procrastination due to fear of failure etc.  Discipline doesn’t demoralize or talk down – it looks up.  It provides incentive.

Self-defeat is why many people stop striving to reach their goals.  They give up and throw in the towel.  Think about it.  Weight loss is a good example.  Someone who focuses on increasing their health, improving their physical energy etc. is more likely to be successful than someone who obsesses over their appearance and compares themselves to others or unrealistic expectations.

In career areas, if you love what you do that passion for it compels you to push higher, see what you can do etc.  If you are stuck doing something you don’t like it becomes a burden.  You feel guilty for not getting ahead, but the passion for the cause isn’t there…

Emperor in a Tarot Reading

Time to be focused and disciplined, take initiative.  If you’ve been procrastinating there is a need to get it in gear and take positive, constructive action.  Consider your current plans also – are they truly beneficial to you? If so be proactive and if not, perhaps it’s time to find a new direction for your energies.

Personal Reflection Questions

  • Am I too hard on myself?
  • Do unrealistic expectations cause me to lose motivation?
  • Do I have a concrete plan and goals?
  • In what ways can I be more proactive?
  • Do I know the difference between punishment and discipline?

emperor tarot card meaing

Understanding Tarot The Empress Tarot Card

The Empress is the matriarch of the Tarot. She represents fertility and pregnancy in her most literal sense. Symbolically she speaks of creativity – using our life force deliberately to create our life and express our true selves.

Embrace the Divine feminine with the Empress. She reminds us that in order to reach our potential we must plant the seeds of discovery and creativity and be willing to nurture and nourish them until they blossom.

She is the card of nature, abundance, and celebration of the richness of life. Remain humble, grateful and keep your mind open towards new opportunities. Personal expression and creativity are the most beautiful parts of life.

Empress in a Tarot Spread

She can represent pregnancy or motherhood.  She is often symbolic and comes up around periods of creativity, or reminds us that we need to use our creativity or express ourselves authentically to find the joy and peace she offers.  She can also remind us that gratitude and positive intent are the keys to finding rewards in life.  Focus on what you want to see and attract.  She also reminds us of the importance of self-care and nurturing.  One cannot be a good caretaker if his/her own needs are not being met.

Questions for Personal Reflection

  • Am I using my creativity in positive ways?
  • Am I longing for a new form of personal expression?
  • Am I being authentic in a given situation?
  • Am I taking care of myself as well as I should?
  • Do I nurture mine and my children’s/dependents unique skills?
  • Do I take time to express myself regularly?

empress tarot card meaning


Daily Tarot Reflections for Personal Growth

Tarot can be a great tool to help anyone gain some focus and to start the day feeling connected and on purpose. When you approach Tarot as a psychological tool for personal growth and reflection; it can be a great motivator to push you forward. It helps you see the greater wisdom that lies beneath daily circumstances.

Even if you don’t read Tarot full time or really read them at all; you can still do these exercises. Purchase a deck that speaks to you and use it simply for your morning reflection. You can look at one card readings online and that’s great too – but there is something extra special about connecting with your own deck of cards.

Shuffle your cards, clear your mind and focus on a mantra or statement – something like “Share with me the lesson that will help me make the most of this day” or “What do I need to be most aware of today?” Whatever question or mantra you come up with is right for you. The key here is to focus on the now and to open your mind and heart to higher guidance.

Once you’ve focused on your questions and shuffled your cards; allow yourself to be drawn to one and flip it over. Look at the image – what is your first initial impression how does it make you feel? This can often be very telling in itself. For example, when I see a Tower – my initial response is usually to wonder what is going to fall apart or what have I maybe not built on a solid foundation. The lightning and collapsing building tend to suggest that I may have to deal with something unexpected and perhaps unwelcome at the time, but if I keep an open mind it will almost always never be as bad as I imagine it.

Once you pull your card and get a feel for it initially, look a little deeper.

What symbols are present? What colors? What are the characters or objects in the card doing? What does this tell you? Can you relate this to events in your life? Tarot is very flexible in interpretation and anyone can assign their own meaning to their own cards. Daily reflections aren’t so much about “fortune-telling” as they are about clarity of focus and living consciously.

Understanding Tarot The Magician

tarot inspiration and guidance the magician

learn tarot free | the magicianThe Magician is surrounded by all of the symbols of the minor arcana: wands, swords, cups, and pentacles. All of the elements are at his disposal and now he needs to figure out how to put the ingredients together. This card symbolizes the ability to pull all the elements together and use them for manifesting. The Magician speaks of creative energy and new beginnings, but also of empowerment and the need for clear focus.

The Magician card combines creativity, knowledge, wisdom, and determination. It speaks of focusing the will towards the highest good and manifesting ideas into a new reality that you actively create. Time to move forward, the action and drive behind the dream, the Magician card tells us to throw ourselves into our vision and bring it into being.

He is resourceful, energetic and determined – all of these qualities guarantee his success.

We can manifest on different levels: We can improve our health by focusing our energies on activities that cleanse/purify our energy on all levels. Often when we feel ill physically; there are underlying
emotional/spiritual blockages that need to be addressed as well.

The Magician tells us to focus on the whole of a situation and not merely one aspect. He is able to get multiple things accomplished because he uses all the elements at his disposal with one clear overall focus.

This card encourages us to use our drive, determination, and creativity to make positive changes. If you are feeling scattered, or unable to focus, Magician comes to you today to remind you to delve into those feelings, figure out what the blockage is and address it.

Questions for Self-Discovery

  • Do you need a clearer plan?
  • Perhaps you have too many things to do and it seems overwhelming so it stops you? In that case, perhaps brainstorming and organizing your thoughts and ideas may be a better approach.
  • What things can you do today to make yourself feel more focused and empowered?