Tarot Reflections The Two of Pentacles

Tarot Reflections Two of Pentacles

Tarot Reflections Two of PentaclesToday’s card is a two and one of the main themes of any “two” card is choice and balance. Have you ever been facing a difficult choice where you had to consider seemingly opposing choices?  Or have you ever had to carefully weigh all of your options to ensure that you are making a balanced decision? Our choices rarely affect only ourselves so weighing your choices as the fellow in this card is doing makes perfect sense.

Two’s in and of themselves in Tarot speak of such decisions where you have to weigh what is best for your overall well-being long term – and sometimes those choices are tough and not so simple as they would seem on the surface. Sometimes they require compromise and/or a willingness to accept some risk and take a chance.

Choice and change, however, are always what lead to new experience and growth! This card like all two’s speak of decisions to be made/choice and of balance.

This particular card speaks of balancing one’s personal and spiritual needs with the needs of the material realm. It often comes up around those contemplating career changes or concerns and says to take a balanced approach in this area as well. Sometimes we focus our goals solely on financial gain and as a result, we end up in careers that don’t challenge or inspire us enough personally. The opposite applies, sometimes we have to do what is “practical” in order to meet our physical needs, however, there is still a need to balance those duties/obligations with time spent on yourself.

In regards to choices, this two tells you to make a well-balanced decision. In this card, the man is weighing the two coins, balancing them back and forth in his hands. They are surrounded by the infinity loop. This card reminds us that often our choices have long-term and even lifetime implications, so carefully consider and make balanced decisions.