Tarot Card Number 5 Meaning

5 tarot number meaning

5 tarot number meaningNumerology also plays an important secondary role in the Tarot.  When several cards with the same number appear in your spread or are drawn frequently, those numerological influences will also be playing a strong role in the current atmosphere.

The number 5 in Tarot tends to depict challenges and upheavals.  Often they come up around material prosperity, but at the cost of personal fulfillment things of this nature.  When you give up something to pursue a goal that isn’t in your best interests.

Fives often demand us to stop what we are doing and be very honest with ourselves, not just on an analytical level, but on a deeper emotional and spiritual level.  Is the person, thing or goal we are pursuing something that will lead to sorrow later?

When five’s come up in abundance it’s time to ask yourself “Is this what I truly want? or merely what I think I want or need”.  You may find you see 5’s a lot when you are hitting the same challenges over and over.  This is a message to you to reconsider where you are investing your time and energies.