Tarot Card Number 4 Meaning

number 4 tarot meaning

number 4 tarot meaningNumerology also plays an important secondary role in the Tarot.  If you have many cards come up with the same number in a spread, it may also be pointing to additional influences playing a strong role in the current atmosphere.

When you see a number repeated frequently within a spread or if the same number is drawn frequently, there is a good chance that number is holding lessons for you as well.

The number 4 in Tarot signifies practicality, hard work, and determination.  It can sometimes point to delays in a course of events, but these are usually just temporary and can be worked through.  The challenge with many fours can be a tendency to work towards goals that are perhaps not in one’s best long-term interests.  While you may eventually get what you want; there is a good chance it won’t be how you want it.

Fours are all about the space and time needed for something to grow.  If you plant a seed, for example, you have to tend to it and wait for the right time for it to blossom.  No amount of resistance or pushing etc. can make this process faster.

Four embodies a need for patience, wisdom and knowing exactly what you are working to manifest.  Hard work and diligence are important qualities of the 4.