Tarot Card Number 3 Meaning

Tarot Numerology number 3

Tarot Numerology number 3Numerology also plays an important secondary role in the Tarot.  If you have many cards come up with the same number in a spread, it may also be pointing to additional influences playing a strong role in the current atmosphere.

For example, drawing three 3’s might tell you that you need to embrace a spirit of teamwork and cooperation for the task at hand.  Many people may be involved who might be impacted by the current course of events.

The number 3 in Tarot focuses on group dynamics, communications skills, cooperation and the ability to build workable compromises (not just sacrificing one’s own agenda to keep the peace).  Three embraces the spirit of community and working towards what is best for all concerned.

Three also tends to come up around ventures that are on a potentially successful path, so long as those involved remain cooperative and patient with the process. Be careful when many 3’s appear to avoid misunderstandings and to communicate your needs and feelings in a direct manner.