Free Tarot Lesson The Fool

free tarot lesson the fool card

The Fool Tarot CardTarot Lesson The Fool

Started your Tarot journal yet?  If not, please consider doing so as it is the most effective way to learn Tarot for yourself, internalize it and make it an authentic way to tap into your own intuition.

The fool in the Tarot is represented as the number 0 or 22 depending on what deck you use.  The Major Arcana is considered the “Fool’s Journey” and he represents the individual on his/her life path.

When the fool comes up in Tarot it asks us to reflect on our journey.  We can see in this card that the young man is open to the journey itself.  He is dancing along on his path with his little dog and is very “in the moment”.

He’s not looking back and he’s not too focused on the distant future and as a result, he is able to enjoy the present moment more.

This card focuses on learning to be present and aware.  Be mindful of where you are heading (so as not to dance over the edge of the cliff) but also embrace current opportunities with an open mind and heart.

Take time to celebrate possibilities and to enjoy what is since time is fleeting.

Fool represents newness, opportunities, being absorbed in the present.  It also warns not to be oblivious however or to be so stuck into temporary satisfaction that you lose sight of long-term goals altogether.

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Understanding Tarot The Hierophant

tarot reflections the hierophant

tarot reflections the hierophantThe Hierophant is a card of great wisdom, leadership and finding the balance between self and others. Many of us take on leadership roles – in our homes, careers etc. As a leader, it is important to consider how your actions will impact others; but it is also important to ensure that your own needs are met and that you are not giving so much away that you neglect your own needs.

In other words, honor and respect your role as a leader, but do so in a way that also honors the self. Learn to listen, to consider all aspects of a situation and work consciously to create solutions that work to everyone’s benefit. That is what true leadership entails.

The Hierophant in a Tarot Reading

The Hierophant is the priest, the spiritual leader, and a traditionalist. He comes up often when we are involved in important decisions that will impact both self and others. He calls on us to contemplate situations with great reverence and well-rounded thought. In some instances, he can speak of the benefits/consequences of adhering to tradition depending on the cards surrounding him. Sometimes we have to part with old ways to find new opportunities; and other times, it’s better to stick with well-established techniques.

Personal Reflection

  • How are your actions impacting those around you?
  • Are you considering both self and others in your decision making processes?
  • In what ways can you become a better leader?
  • Are you a leader in your own life as well, leading by example?

Meaning of Hierophant Tarot Card



Tarot for Focus and Clarity

tarot for focus

tarot for focusHave you ever questioned your path? Wondered if you had hidden talents or perhaps some underlying block to achieving your goals? Have you ever needed to look at yourself a bit more objectively, free from the voice of the inner critic or random, distracting thoughts?

Fortunately, Tarot is a great tool for mental focus and clarity. When I do exercises like this with the Tarot I put them in my journal. For example, if I am hitting obstacles and not understanding why or seeing the full reason behind it; I will focus my intention and ask the Universe to give me guidance regarding the obstacles on my path and what I can do to overcome them. I would then select two cards, one representing external influences and obstacles and one representing those within myself.

Place the cards side by side and then use your journal. At the top of the page write down the issue you are seeking clarity on. Beneath it, list the two cards side by side and underneath each card list the lessons that card is presenting you.

For example, let’s say you drew a Wheel of Fortune reversed for your personal challenge card, you may want to consider that you are resisting change or that you don’t trust where you feel you are being led. A reversed wheel in regards to personal challenge tends to indicate resistance and trust issues. The same card in the external challenges position may be telling you the time isn’t right just now to proceed, or perhaps you need more information or preparations before moving forward. Each card will vary depending on if its focus is external or internal.

This can also be a very useful practice for the pros and cons of a choice. We all have those times in life when we face difficult decisions. It can be hard to attain clarity without taking time to sort out our thoughts and feelings. Pull two cards for each choice, one representing the pros and the other cons. Write the results and your thoughts in your journal. Reflecting on these can lend great insight and help you feel more at peace with your decision.

When you are feeling a bit lost on your path, or wanting to do something and are unsure of what to pursue, the Tarot is a great way to seek out “hidden talents” and new ideas. This requires a very open mind and heart because it often leads to surprise answers.

When you face situations like this ask the universe for help in discovering new creative avenues to direct your energy. Pull a card and focus on the positive qualities in that card. What talents and strengths does this card represent? How can you begin to implement those in your daily life? Perhaps you’ll be led to a new hobby or class. You may find it even inspires you to a whole new career path, especially if you have been working in a field at odds with your soul purpose.

Tarot is also useful for looking a bit deeper into your soul purpose. Every person is here to grow and learn through experience. Sometimes in life when we aren’t living up to our fullest potential or having all the experiences our soul longs for, a feeling of “something missing” begins to manifest. When this happens, allow the universe to guide you through Tarot imagery. Use your journal and draw a card that represents what is missing, then record what that card is saying to you.

Sometimes the answers seem to appear like magic, other times it may take some hours or even days of personal reflection to make sense of the messages you have received. For this reason, a journal is a great way to revisit and further contemplate the message.

Understanding Tarot The Empress Tarot Card

The Empress is the matriarch of the Tarot. She represents fertility and pregnancy in her most literal sense. Symbolically she speaks of creativity – using our life force deliberately to create our life and express our true selves.

Embrace the Divine feminine with the Empress. She reminds us that in order to reach our potential we must plant the seeds of discovery and creativity and be willing to nurture and nourish them until they blossom.

She is the card of nature, abundance, and celebration of the richness of life. Remain humble, grateful and keep your mind open towards new opportunities. Personal expression and creativity are the most beautiful parts of life.

Empress in a Tarot Spread

She can represent pregnancy or motherhood.  She is often symbolic and comes up around periods of creativity, or reminds us that we need to use our creativity or express ourselves authentically to find the joy and peace she offers.  She can also remind us that gratitude and positive intent are the keys to finding rewards in life.  Focus on what you want to see and attract.  She also reminds us of the importance of self-care and nurturing.  One cannot be a good caretaker if his/her own needs are not being met.

Questions for Personal Reflection

  • Am I using my creativity in positive ways?
  • Am I longing for a new form of personal expression?
  • Am I being authentic in a given situation?
  • Am I taking care of myself as well as I should?
  • Do I nurture mine and my children’s/dependents unique skills?
  • Do I take time to express myself regularly?

empress tarot card meaning


Understanding Tarot The Devil

An intimidating and challenging card, but one of the most powerful and liberating is the Devil.  In the Tarot, he represents all matters of imprisonment: fear, addictions, bad habits, toxic relationships, inability to form strong boundaries, codependency, abuse, neglect, subconscious negative programming – you name it.

He also brings the opportunity to recognize, accept and grow through all these prisons of the mind and soul. In conquering these lessons, you will experience true spiritual liberation and freedom.  Embrace the shadow – your darkness, your shadow self, is actually your ally and will give you great opportunities to grow and overcome obstacles.

Avoiding darkness is a habit that impedes growth, accepting that darkness is a necessary reality allows your fears to give way and your light to shine through.

The Devil in a Tarot Spread

There can be several instances when this fellow may pop up in a spread.  He often comes up around people who are lying to you, cheating or otherwise mistreating you.  He also tends to come up when we are lying to ourselves, making excuses for bad behaviors or doing self-sabotaging things.

Questions for Personal Reflection

  • Am I pursuing a dangerous or wrong path?
  • Am I allowing others to mistreat or abuse me and making excuses for their negative behaviors?
  • Am I doing anything to self-sabotage?
  • Am I obsessing about something that isn’t serving my highest good?


devil tarot card infographic
Learn and understand the Devil Tarot card.