Tarot Reflections the Ten of Pentacles

tarot lesson ten of pentacles

This card is a great one for building new opportunities and focusing on potential. This is a feel good card :). The man and woman meet in the middle of the village symbolizing unity. Around them dogs play and an old man sits watching, children run about. It shows how people coming together in the spirit of community and lifting one another up are a great blessing.

Often it seems as a society we have lost a lot of our openness. This card reminds us that all sorts of benefits come from connecting with others – even those with whom we may have differences of opinion etc. All kinds make the world go round and cooperation is always better than conflict.

The Ten of Pentacles/Coins

When the ten of pentacles comes up it talks about prosperity and abundance.  This card says it’s a great time to come together with others in the spirit of cooperation – which leads to growth and better opportunities for everyone involved.

This card also speaks of taking time to focus on what matters – enjoy time with your family or take a few moments to call on a friend you haven’t seen in awhile. This is a very social card – so take time today to value your connections with others. No need to be a lone wolf – today you may find someone who has just the answer you have been looking for.

This card also speaks of responsibilities towards community and being a good neighbor. Look for ways in which you can contribute something of value to society. Those positive actions bless and reward others and uplift the whole group. Charity and kindness also have a way of returning blessings and support to us in our own times of need.

Tarot Reflections The Knight of Swords

tarot inspiration knight of swords

tarot inspiration knight of swordsThis is an action card! Whenever a Knight appears in a spread it indicates sudden changes are about to occur. They bring with them a sense of unpredictability and excitement. Knights often speak of blessings in disguise or opportunities that come in from out of the blue.  It’s important to be open to all possibilities.

The Knight of Swords reminds us to cut away all that isn’t serving our highest good so that new opportunities have room to enter.  What’s holding you back? Bad habits, procrastination, negative mindsets? Whatever it is that keeps you from embracing positive change with enthusiasm; this is the time to take swift action to correct those tendencies.

Knights also speak of the need to avoid overreacting or jumping the gun. A good time to think before speaking, this Knight cautions against being overly headstrong or impatient. Sometimes when we react, rather than plan our actions carefully, we end up sabotaging ourselves and creating more problems that could have been avoided.

This Knight also brings a message of “get moving” to the procrastinator in us. Avoidance and procrastination are often the results of “fight or flight” response.  You may be procrastinating, not due to laziness, but due to actual unacknowledged fears. There’s no time like the present to catch up with all that stuff we’ve been avoiding.  Acknowledge the real reason for delays and it will make it easier to start moving again.

Tarot Reflections The Five of Cups

tarot inspirations the five of cups

tarot inspirations the five of cupsFive’s in Tarot tend to signify inner struggles, restlessness, feeling a sense of urgency to resolve something. When these cards come up it reminds us that it is important not to cast those feelings aside until they build up into anxiety or feelings of depression or being lost.

The 5 cards are kind of an emotional caution signal, telling us to get in touch with our true needs and work to meet them. Five’s can also come calling when we are bored or unfulfilled on our path. Boredom often mimics the symptoms of depression.

“But, I’m always busy” I can hear you proclaim ;), but busy doesn’t necessarily mean not bored. When five’s come up it says to be very honest with yourself. Take some time to untangle those emotions/thoughts and look at your situation more objectively.

Are you maybe staying busy with too many mundane things to avoid facing something? Perhaps you would benefit from better time management or organization so that you can free up some time to do something you find fulfilling.

The Five of Cups

This card has a sad appearance. In this card, the man is standing by the river looking very dejected and tired at the three cups spilled in front of him. He’s so caught up in these emotions of loss and defeat that he is unable to turn around and see what is right behind him.

Behind him, just a bit down the path lie 2 full cups and of course, the entire river. This card reminds us that sometimes when our mind is full of all we “think” we want or need, or when we become stuck in regrets over the past, it makes us unable to turn around and see the opportunities that lie before us.

We have a choice, we can remain stuck in the past or we can choose to make the most of new opportunities. If you feel held back by something; this card reminds you to make a conscious decision for a fresh start. An open mind leads to many pleasant surprises and opportunities that can’t be found if we don’t turn to look for them.


Tarot Reflections The Queen of Wands

tarot reflections queen of wands

Tarot Reflections The Queen of Wands

tarot reflections queen of wandsIn this card, we see the queen sitting upon her throne. Behind her are grayish kind of drab skies and in front is her familiar, her companion represented in the kitty cat before the throne. This queen is loving and affectionate. She aims to please and longs to receive love and attention in return.

Generous and always giving of her time and resources, sometimes this queen gets so caught up in others she loses her own sense of identity. Her own needs get put aside, and without being attended to; they begin to loom behind her.

She reminds us that in self-fulfillment we are better able to draw others to us who respect our decisions and value our uniqueness.  Being a strong role model and example for others requires us to know ourselves and to be confident with who we are. We cannot give what we don’t have.

Often we are told that to be self-serving is an act of selfishness. However, being self-fulfilled is not only not “selfish”, it is a sure way to return something positive to the world. Those who take the time to fulfill their own destiny inspire others to also find themselves. This card reminds us to balance time spent on ourselves with our other obligations if we are to remain strong. Don’t allow your dreams to be placed on the back burner.

Today honor yourself and the important role you play within your family, place of employment, and community. Recognize your ability to lead by example, and use your fresh new ideas and inspirations to enhance your experience and bring joy to those around you. Remember we can’t “fix” others, but in working on developing our own strength, we will naturally inspire others to do the same.

Tarot Reflections Page of Wands

tarot reflections page of wands

tarot reflections page of wands
The Page of Wands is an optimistic, youthful sort filled with enthusiasm. He is full of great ideas and passion and so he leaps into his projects head first. His zeal in whatever he does is infectious to others. Pages represent learning and knowledge. Wands are the suit of fire, passion, and initiative. They are the drive behind a project, that “gung ho” type energy that is often very exciting, but not often well-planned.

This page represents those people you run into and can’t help but smile because they have such positive energy emanating from them. They have a sense of adventure and enthusiasm. They take risks and adjust well to change.

Page of Wands typically indicates a personal desire for expansion or a fresh start. Longing to break free from stagnation or from restrictive influences. This page represents that enthusiasm and anticipation when starting a new adventure.

The Page of Wands, however, does also pose a challenge that we need to work to maintain that enthusiasm and finish what we start. Often times this page comes up when the initial excitement is there, but perhaps not the long-term plans that are required to keep that initiative in place.

If you find you have some unfinished business that needs to be attended to; do what you can today to tie up loose ends so you can move on to the next adventure with all the excitement and none of the leftover worries of unfinished business.