Tarot Inspiration for Positive Reinforcement

Tarot is useful for so much more than just Divination.  It can be a powerful tool to help reprogram the subconscious mind and can help you direct your energy in positive ways.   It gives you both a visual and a mental focal point and can help cue you to redirect your energy where you want it to flow.

It’s true that where our thoughts go, our energy follows.  Your emotions are a gauge to your thoughts.  We have millions of thoughts in our minds in a day, and with all that going on, it can be hard to really pay attention to what/how we are thinking.

An uncontrolled mind can be a dangerous place.  On the other hand, learning to recognize your thought patterns can help you shape them in ways that work to your benefit.

Here’s an example.  Let’s say Sally really wants to start her own business and break free from her 9-5 job that she really doesn’t find fulfilling.  Her mind may be filled with all kinds of thoughts both positive and negative.  The idea of her own business excites her, but she is quickly talked down by the doubts in her own inner dialogue.

Her mind may turn to anxiety if she fails, concern that others will ridicule her ideas, fear that she doesn’t have the skills she needs or talent, worry that giving up her day job will lead to a lack of security.  These are ALL legitimate fears – it’s very natural to fear things. It’s how our mind keeps us from doing stupid things that can actually hurt us.  Unfortunately, sometimes this protection mechanism goes into hyper-drive and we end up talking ourselves out of our dreams/goals and settling for what is comfortable instead.

Tarot Inspiration

Here’s where some positive Tarot inspiration can work to your advantage.  Let’s use Sally’s story again and help her to refocus her energy.  There are several cards that can work for this purpose.  Here’s a few off the top of my head:

Priestess:  This is an empowered woman who has great knowledge, is keenly intelligent and has a great blend of logic and intuition.  She is able to remove herself from the tangles of emotion and reach her silent center, where she can look at situations objectively.  She is independent, strong and well-balanced.

Three of Wands: This is a card of embracing the pioneering spirit.  The man sets off into the unknown wilderness, but he is not held back by fear, he is determined to enjoy the journey and reach the destination.

Eight of Pentacles:  This is the card that shows the man working diligently at his craft.  It is hard work, but it is hard work he feels connected with and enjoys, so it becomes profitable without feeling burdensome.  It can be a way to pull the mind back to doing what we enjoy and dedicating ourselves to it.

There are many other cards that of course would fit the bill.  Take a couple that apply to your situation and post them on a vision board, or in a journal with your goals (short and long-term) and when you feel like giving up or are overwhelmed, look at them and let them refocus your mind on being proactive.

Tarot Reflections The Four of Cups

tarot inspiration the four of cups

tarot inspiration the four of cupsToday’s card highlights a very important concept when it comes to manifesting our ideal reality. When we want to bring about positive circumstances in our lives it is important to NOT focus on limitations and loss.

Often we get caught up in those thoughts in one form or another. I wish I wouldn’t have done ________. I don’t have enough _________. If only I had__________, I would be happy. You likely fill in these blanks in your thoughts much more often than you realize.

Today’s card is a simple reminder that what we focus on – shows up! A lot of us are busy creating the very opposite of what we want – because that is what we give our energy to so passionately!  ;).

I have a challenge for you today. Pay attention to your thoughts and just see for yourself how often they become limiting in some way. You may be very surprised at the results! As that happens; consciously rework and focus on a new, empowered version of that thought.

Instead of “I need more money I am broke”, instead redirect your thoughts to “how can I attract more abundance and opportunity?” You’d be surprised how creative the mind can be when it is being proactive rather than reactive.

The Four of Cups

In this card, we see the young man sitting beneath the tree looking rather perplexed and kind of tired. He is really focused on those three half-empty and spilled cups on the ground before him.

He’s so caught up in his focus on those cups that he doesn’t see the hand of the Divine reaching out to him with an overflowing chalice. This card speaks of both law of attraction and being open minded.

What we focus our energy on continues to manifest. When we are so focused on limitations and lack we leave no room for new opportunities and circumstances to enter – not because the Universe isn’t working to provide them, but because we become blind to them in our worries and other distractions.

Today take the time to focus on what you DO want to manifest in your life – and do it in the present tense. You want to be happy – choose to do something that makes you feel joyful today. Want to feel prosperity? Give to someone in need and focus on your blessings. Need to feel more fulfilled? Take time today to set yourself as a priority and make sure your needs are met.

Daily Tarot Reflections Five of Wands

tarot inspirations five of wands

tarot inspirations five of wandsThis card depicts a group of men, all armed with staffs fighting among themselves.

These fellows all so caught up in defending their own positions that nothing is getting accomplished. Perhaps if one of them puts down his staff and calls the group to order some diplomatic resolution can be reached.

When these guys are so busy fighting they don’t make any progress. So it is in life, we often get so caught up in the need to feel justified or to be right, that we don’t take the time to walk a mile in the other person’s shoes.

Another aspect to this card are the struggles within, and the ways in which we fight against our true nature, resist change, talk ourselves down etc.

Conflict resolution starts with a willingness to put ego aside, whether this be within yourself with conflicting thoughts or the inner critic, or without, among a group of peers or family. In doing so, you become the person who empowers, allowing all sides to be fully expressed so that a workable solution might be reached.

Daily Tarot Reflections Justice Tarot Card

Tarot Reflections Justice Tarot Card

Tarot Reflections Justice

Tarot Reflections Justice Tarot CardThis card reminds us that true justice is an act of mercy, not cruelty. Often we look at justice as “an eye for an eye” and not as an act of discipline. Discipline is not the same as punishment and it doesn’t enact revenge. This card reminds us that to reach our fullest potential, we must learn to become self-disciplined while releasing self-sabotaging habits like punishing or berating ourselves.

Often we try to live up to concepts or ideals that are impossible to attain. This leads to setting yourself up for certain failure. When this card comes up we are told to reflect on ways that we are unjust to ourselves. Time to stop exacting punishment and develop acceptance and compassion. Negativity is a repeating cycle that must be recognized, understood, and then broken.

Today be mindful of the demands you place on yourself. If you haven’t been disciplined enough lately; tighten the reigns a bit. Now is a good time set clear, decisive intentions and follow them up with inspired action. Direct your thoughts and deeds in healthy directions.

If you are facing decisions and feeling a bit confused; this card reminds you of the importance of level-headed choices not based solely on fear or passion, but considered judiciously and fairly – just like a judge in court.
If you can’t set aside emotions enough to be objective, own it and seek out a second objective opinion before making any rash decisions.

Questions for Reflection

  • Do you engage in self-sabotaging habits like negative self-talk?
    Do you accept things in others you would never accept in yourself?
    Do you have realistic expectations?

Daily Tarot Reflections The King of Cups Tarot Card

Tarot Inspirations King of Cups

Tarot Inspirations King of CupsThe King and Queen cards always speak of leadership, positive personal expression, but also working for the good of all around you. This particular King represents those who have deep emotional lives, sometimes complex/conflicting emotions that may need to be balanced so that more objective choices can be made.

When this King comes up he reminds you to work towards peace by making it a priority in your life. We can’t always change our circumstances and other people will be who they are etc. however, we can choose to live an empowered life by recognizing our choices and how they affect us personally and also those around us. We can choose to pour our passion and emotion into a “good cause” and choose peace rather than succumb to anxiety, petty quarrels and the like.

Use your power to make wise decisions today. Avoid making any hasty choices and don’t allow emotions to take over. This is a day for creative expression, and to create peace wherever you go. If little things act up, take a deep breath and press on 🙂