Daily Tarot Reflections Seven of Swords

tarot reflections the seven of swords

Seven of Swords Tarot Reflection

tarot reflections the seven of swordsThis card can indicate a happy surprise or previously unseen advantage. It also warns us to not “be sneaky”, and to watch for others who may have their own agenda.

It’s important to remember that we don’t have to manipulate or impose our will on the situation. Often it is better to wait for the right moment to move forward. Taking hasty action can undermine your efforts more than help. If you sit back sometimes the right answer has a way of “popping up” when it’s most needed.

Trying to force our will on a situation or another person typically backfires. If you feel a need to micromanage things at this time, explore it. Is there a hidden fear prompting questionable motives or behaviors?

This is a good card for reminding us that “what goes around comes around”. In that case, try being what you want to see more of. Are people around you being sneaky or engaging in less than desirable behaviors? Avoid the temptation to join in or retaliate. It only fuels the fire.

This is a card that reminds us that often our fears lead us to act against our better judgment or nature. Realize this tendency and you may prevent something you would later regret. Also, be careful who you share information with and how much.

Questions for Reflection

Have I been completely honest with myself and others about the situation?
In what ways have I gone against my better judgment and why?
Do I have trust issues I need to work out? Perhaps not being trusting enough or too open?