Can Tarot Cards Lie?

This is a question I’ve been asked several times. The answer is “no” and here’s why.  The cards themselves are inanimate objects, fully incapable of consciously telling a lie to anyone.

So, if the cards don’t lie, why are readings sometimes inaccurate?  The answer here is the reader is lying, the questioner is doing cards for themselves and seeing what they want to see instead of being objective, or the questioner has chosen a different path or course of action.

Let’s look at these in detail.

Your reader is lying or misrepresenting things.  Unscrupulous readers who want you to become dependent or are in it just to make money may indeed lie to people they feel they can manipulate in order to extort more money.  If your reader ever tells you that “you’ve been cursed” for example, find the nearest exit, walk out the door, never return.

Your reader is injecting judgments into the reading.  All readers are human, we all form opinions.  What makes a Tarot reader excellent is understanding that our experiences and opinions are limited and we should not be using them to color our perceptions.  We haven’t walked in your shoes; you have.

Your experiences, thoughts, feelings are your own to have and your decisions are yours to make.  If a reader tells you what you “have to do” – they are not following this premise.  We can make suggestions, show possibilities, explore ideas – but your choices should always be your own, and you should feel empowered in your own decisions.

Lack of Objectivity

This is the most common reason the cards “lie” when people do readings for themselves.  I’ve seen many people ask the same questions over and over, but in different ways.  They will do this until they hear what they want to hear, or convince themselves that they are seeing the answer they want.

In order for Tarot to work; one has to have an open mind, not a rigid stubbornness.  If you are feeling defensive during readings, you are not receptive to the messages being offered and should take a break and come back when you are able to be more distant and objective.

Tarot is there to show possibilities, to illuminate new ideas, show you things you may not be perceiving fully and to help you engage in a well-rounded and meaningful thought process that engages all aspects of your mind.

When you approach it with openness and a desire to explore all possibilities it can open many doors.  When you use it as a tool to try to reinforce your already established notions, it will frustrate you.  It can be easier to blame cards than to accept that our judgment was off.