Tarot Card Meanings The Devil Tarot Card

devil tarot card infographic
Learn and understand the Devil Tarot card.

The Devil Tarot card is one of the more complex cards in the deck and also one that tends to be misunderstood.

When it appears around the person asking the question; it tends to point to self-sabotage and our deepest, underlying fears that can work against us.

Some of the benefits of this card are self-awareness, taking accountability for our actions rather than making excuses.

The challenges of this card can be a variety of issues.  You may struggle with bad habits or addictions that require behavior modifications or better understanding.

Many people with this card struggle to form appropriate, strong boundaries with others and can fall prey to narcissists and others who tend to take advantage of the emotionally vulnerable.

Conversely, you may be someone who struggles with being manipulative towards others when you fear loss, abandonment etc.

The Devil and Relationships

When the Devil card appears in Tarot around another person; it tends to indicate someone who is likely being deceptive or only serving their own self-interests.  Devil people tend to be narcissistic, self-serving in a selfish way – they look out for themselves and will say or do whatever it takes to get their own way.

In relationships, these people tend to be very difficult to live with.  Often they are charming at first, but later on, their true colors are revealed.  The reasons many Devil people tend to be controlling, however, is that deep down they are deeply insecure.  They feel compelled to control others because they don’t want to feel vulnerable themselves or risk rejection, abandonment etc.

Dealing with a Devil card is always a challenge, however, it also provides an opportunity to see ourselves and others with more clarity.  No one is without “darkness” or “challenge”.  What we resist persists.  If you find you are plagued with bad habits that sabotage you; take a look below the surface of these problems and get to the heart of the fear or issue.

If you find you are repeatedly drawn into relationships with challenging people, explore that also.  Are you struggling with your sense of self? Do you feel the need to please others at your own expense? If so, what fears are fueling that tendency?

The Devil’s gift is reflection – and when we do this honestly we can overcome the obstacles that sabotage us.

Tarot Reflections The Hanged Man

tarot reflections hanged man

tarot reflections hanged manThe Hanged Man tarot card speaks of being in limbo or stuck. The man is left hanging upside down and he doesn’t seem to be doing a lot to free himself.  He’s not in distress apparently, but he sure isn’t going to accomplish much just hanging there.

This card comes up often when we are not challenging ourselves enough or when we are “settling” for what is less than ideal due to fears of change or moving into the new and unknown.

If you feel stagnant, it’s the universe’s way of telling you to sit down and figure out what you truly want and then take some inspired actions to move in that direction. Remaining in comfort zones is ultimately more harmful than taking some risks and taking a chance.

Daily Tarot Reflection The Hanged Man

The hanged man talks about the unexpected events which throw us off balance. When the Hanged Man comes up for daily guidance he expresses the need to let go of struggle and find acceptance with the conditions in our life. When we let go of struggling to figure things out or force resolutions peace comes. In the midst of struggling against the uncontrollable, we become unable to right our positions.

The advice he gives us for the day is to stand back from the situation, take a deep breath and just go with the flow. Come to terms with what has been, and release old worries and stress so that you can turn upright with a new outlook.

Although we can’t always change our outer circumstances, we can make things better simply by letting go and enjoying the ebbs and flows of life. Stand still take a breather, things will work out.

Another message to this card can be if you have been at a standstill for too long, look and see what actions you can take to correct/better your position. Perhaps your current path isn’t serving you and a new direction can release you from feeling bound.Save



Understanding Tarot The Nine of Swords

tarot inspirations nine of swords

tarot inspirations nine of swordsHave you ever had a nightmare that kind of stuck with you for the day after you woke up? You spend the day feeling kind of tense or a little more on edge than normal.

The Nine of Swords depicts this scenario. The woman has obviously awakened from something a bit traumatic. She is sitting up holding her head like she isn’t quite ready to get up and face the day yet. Her face is covered as though she is afraid to look…

In life, this card tends to symbolize a couple of things. First of all, it tells us to not be held back by the past or let our fears keep us repressed or blinded to new possibilities.

Typically what we fear is far worse than the reality.

The most important lesson though is that once a nightmare is over – a new day is beginning – a fresh start.

In life, sometimes things happen that are tough and they leave us a little on edge, afraid to move forward because we fear more challenges ahead. The thing we should focus on though is always what we DO want as opposed to what we don’t want.

This is a good time to shift our focus from what worries us – to the new day and new potential. We have a choice, remain stuck and restrained by our fears, or get up and move forward despite them.

You will never eliminate all fear – if you wait to progress in life until you are not afraid, you will never reach your fullest potential.

The Nine of Swords

In this card we see a somewhat ominous scene as the woman sits up in bed having just woke up from a nightmare. It seems harsh and scary, but in reality, it’s a positive message of brighter times ahead.

Now the nightmare is over. The woman has regained control and can start fresh with a clean slate. The lady has awakened, giving her a new perspective. Although the effects of the nightmare may linger for a bit, she’s free now to move forward in new directions.

This card can indicate some temporary delays or setbacks, and it also says to be honest about the path you are on. If you find you are continually hitting the same types of obstacles or feeling unfulfilled perhaps you are pursuing the wrong direction and should “wake up” and make some changes now before the situation gets worse.

Understanding Tarot The Magician

tarot inspiration and guidance the magician

learn tarot free | the magicianThe Magician is surrounded by all of the symbols of the minor arcana: wands, swords, cups, and pentacles. All of the elements are at his disposal and now he needs to figure out how to put the ingredients together. This card symbolizes the ability to pull all the elements together and use them for manifesting. The Magician speaks of creative energy and new beginnings, but also of empowerment and the need for clear focus.

The Magician card combines creativity, knowledge, wisdom, and determination. It speaks of focusing the will towards the highest good and manifesting ideas into a new reality that you actively create. Time to move forward, the action and drive behind the dream, the Magician card tells us to throw ourselves into our vision and bring it into being.

He is resourceful, energetic and determined – all of these qualities guarantee his success.

We can manifest on different levels: We can improve our health by focusing our energies on activities that cleanse/purify our energy on all levels. Often when we feel ill physically; there are underlying
emotional/spiritual blockages that need to be addressed as well.

The Magician tells us to focus on the whole of a situation and not merely one aspect. He is able to get multiple things accomplished because he uses all the elements at his disposal with one clear overall focus.

This card encourages us to use our drive, determination, and creativity to make positive changes. If you are feeling scattered, or unable to focus, Magician comes to you today to remind you to delve into those feelings, figure out what the blockage is and address it.

Questions for Self-Discovery

  • Do you need a clearer plan?
  • Perhaps you have too many things to do and it seems overwhelming so it stops you? In that case, perhaps brainstorming and organizing your thoughts and ideas may be a better approach.
  • What things can you do today to make yourself feel more focused and empowered?