Daily Tarot Reflections The Queen of Swords

tarot reflections queen of swords

tarot reflections queen of swordsThis queen sits strong upon her throne, wielding a very sharp blade.

Beware the double-edged sword in this card. This queen has a dogged determination to meet her goals and have what she wants. The positive to this is that she has great energy and she devotes herself completely, works tirelessly and never gives up.

The downside is sometimes she fights so hard to get what she wants, only to later discover it was not in her best interests at all. Her determination is so strong that she doesn’t heed the advice of others, or she dismisses other signs and signals. Then, after much wasted effort; she discovers her energy could have been put to a more beneficial use.

This card reminds us that when something doesn’t feel right, no matter how much we think we want it, it’s sometimes better to let go and put that energy into more constructive channels even if it means an initial sacrifice or disappointment. An example might be someone who gives into a craving to satisfy the urges of the moment instead of staying focused on long-term goals.

Use the determination and strength of will represented in this card to direct your energy towards what is for your higher good. Queens always represent a dynamic spiritual force and true leadership that allows you to accomplish things you may not have thought possible.

Empower yourself to cut away any influences in your life that may be harmful to you long-term – anything from bad habits to toxic relationships. This queen grows through sacrifice and a willingness to leave comfort zones to pursue something better.


Daily Tarot Reflections for Personal Growth

Tarot can be a great tool to help anyone gain some focus and to start the day feeling connected and on purpose. When you approach Tarot as a psychological tool for personal growth and reflection; it can be a great motivator to push you forward. It helps you see the greater wisdom that lies beneath daily circumstances.

Even if you don’t read Tarot full time or really read them at all; you can still do these exercises. Purchase a deck that speaks to you and use it simply for your morning reflection. You can look at one card readings online and that’s great too – but there is something extra special about connecting with your own deck of cards.

Shuffle your cards, clear your mind and focus on a mantra or statement – something like “Share with me the lesson that will help me make the most of this day” or “What do I need to be most aware of today?” Whatever question or mantra you come up with is right for you. The key here is to focus on the now and to open your mind and heart to higher guidance.

Once you’ve focused on your questions and shuffled your cards; allow yourself to be drawn to one and flip it over. Look at the image – what is your first initial impression how does it make you feel? This can often be very telling in itself. For example, when I see a Tower – my initial response is usually to wonder what is going to fall apart or what have I maybe not built on a solid foundation. The lightning and collapsing building tend to suggest that I may have to deal with something unexpected and perhaps unwelcome at the time, but if I keep an open mind it will almost always never be as bad as I imagine it.

Once you pull your card and get a feel for it initially, look a little deeper.

What symbols are present? What colors? What are the characters or objects in the card doing? What does this tell you? Can you relate this to events in your life? Tarot is very flexible in interpretation and anyone can assign their own meaning to their own cards. Daily reflections aren’t so much about “fortune-telling” as they are about clarity of focus and living consciously.