Tarot Personality Card The High Priestess

Did you know that every Tarot card can give a bit of insight into personality traits when used for that purpose?  Most people associate the Court Cards only with distinct personalities, but there is a lot more to it than that.

Every card has a distinct “personality” and those characteristics can be used to look a bit at the person you are reading for or about.  This is a great way to better understand others and even yourself!

For example, draw two cards: One for natural strengths and the other for challenges.   This can help you determine how to approach someone, or even give insight into why you feel, think and act as you do.  You can also choose one that you resonate with as a “significator” card for a reading for yourself or another person.

The Priestess

major arcana the priestessThe Priestess represents a strong person (usually a woman), who has an ideal blend of logic and intuition. Her emotions run deep, but she is very self-aware and able to distinguish emotion from intuition. She is also keenly analytical and she can combine these skills in such a way that she is a natural leader.

Priestess people are often business owners, philanthropists, or women in leadership roles. They sometimes come across as aloof or more distant, but they are very compassionate and fair-minded. They don’t jump to conclusions and will distance themselves to “feel out” a situation before making a decision or taking action.

They know how to form proper boundaries with others and that makes them objective and insightful. High IQ and EQ combined.  This person has a commanding presence but is reasonable and well-grounded.

Priestess people rely heavily on their naturally strong intuition and they have an uncanny ability to see through hidden agendas etc. Because of this natural strength, people sometimes feel intimidated by this person.  You’ll find though, that despite their ability to see deep, hidden inner secrets; Priestess people are highly compassionate and slow to find fault with others.

Priestess people believe in the inherent goodness in people and understand that all humans have “flaws” etc. While they may see your subconscious secrets, they don’t judge you for them.  Rather they are great friends and mentors because they understand human nature and know instinctively how to help others overcome their limitations.

Priestess people are very wise and are often drawn to careers like psychology, teaching and any position where they can impart wisdom and help others grow.

The challenges with a Priestess card can be a tendency to appear aloof. Priestess people who don’t have good command of their intuition/emotions can also have bouts of intense anxiety, depression, and moodiness.

The strengths of Priestess people are keen intuition, a strong mind and innate understanding of human nature, and a good balance between logic and intuition.