Understanding Tarot The Nine of Swords

tarot inspirations nine of swords

tarot inspirations nine of swordsHave you ever had a nightmare that kind of stuck with you for the day after you woke up? You spend the day feeling kind of tense or a little more on edge than normal.

The Nine of Swords depicts this scenario. The woman has obviously awakened from something a bit traumatic. She is sitting up holding her head like she isn’t quite ready to get up and face the day yet. Her face is covered as though she is afraid to look…

In life, this card tends to symbolize a couple of things. First of all, it tells us to not be held back by the past or let our fears keep us repressed or blinded to new possibilities.

Typically what we fear is far worse than the reality.

The most important lesson though is that once a nightmare is over – a new day is beginning – a fresh start.

In life, sometimes things happen that are tough and they leave us a little on edge, afraid to move forward because we fear more challenges ahead. The thing we should focus on though is always what we DO want as opposed to what we don’t want.

This is a good time to shift our focus from what worries us – to the new day and new potential. We have a choice, remain stuck and restrained by our fears, or get up and move forward despite them.

You will never eliminate all fear – if you wait to progress in life until you are not afraid, you will never reach your fullest potential.

The Nine of Swords

In this card we see a somewhat ominous scene as the woman sits up in bed having just woke up from a nightmare. It seems harsh and scary, but in reality, it’s a positive message of brighter times ahead.

Now the nightmare is over. The woman has regained control and can start fresh with a clean slate. The lady has awakened, giving her a new perspective. Although the effects of the nightmare may linger for a bit, she’s free now to move forward in new directions.

This card can indicate some temporary delays or setbacks, and it also says to be honest about the path you are on. If you find you are continually hitting the same types of obstacles or feeling unfulfilled perhaps you are pursuing the wrong direction and should “wake up” and make some changes now before the situation gets worse.