Tarot Reflections The Queen of Wands

tarot reflections queen of wands

Tarot Reflections The Queen of Wands

tarot reflections queen of wandsIn this card, we see the queen sitting upon her throne. Behind her are grayish kind of drab skies and in front is her familiar, her companion represented in the kitty cat before the throne. This queen is loving and affectionate. She aims to please and longs to receive love and attention in return.

Generous and always giving of her time and resources, sometimes this queen gets so caught up in others she loses her own sense of identity. Her own needs get put aside, and without being attended to; they begin to loom behind her.

She reminds us that in self-fulfillment we are better able to draw others to us who respect our decisions and value our uniqueness.  Being a strong role model and example for others requires us to know ourselves and to be confident with who we are. We cannot give what we don’t have.

Often we are told that to be self-serving is an act of selfishness. However, being self-fulfilled is not only not “selfish”, it is a sure way to return something positive to the world. Those who take the time to fulfill their own destiny inspire others to also find themselves. This card reminds us to balance time spent on ourselves with our other obligations if we are to remain strong. Don’t allow your dreams to be placed on the back burner.

Today honor yourself and the important role you play within your family, place of employment, and community. Recognize your ability to lead by example, and use your fresh new ideas and inspirations to enhance your experience and bring joy to those around you. Remember we can’t “fix” others, but in working on developing our own strength, we will naturally inspire others to do the same.

Daily Tarot Reflections King of Wands

Daily Tarot Reflections King of Wands

King of Wands Tarot CardKing’s represent leadership and wise decisions. This King represents intelligence and creative thought. He is always planning and thinking about things. Wands represent the planning stage that happens before things are set in motion.

This particular King is particularly good at thinking/planning and organizing, however, the follow-through may be a bit lacking and that requires bringing others together in the spirit of cooperation to help make things happen.

Another theme to this card is to learn how to organize your thoughts and ideas (and maybe even your workspace/environment) in a workable manner. Clutter, whether internal in the form of racing thoughts, anxieties etc or external in non-functioning space, leads itself to chaotic energy and stifles the spirit.

Remember, no one can do everything all by themselves. It’s good to gain the assistance of others who support your ideas (provided they are ones that serve your highest good). This King provides leadership by drawing others together. He is able to plan well and bring ideas to inspire others.

Today, look for ways to encourage others and embrace the idea of “team work”. Seek a supportive environment in which to express yourself.

Also, if you find you’ve had difficulty concentrating or setting and maintaining goals, take some time to sort through any clutter that may be sabotaging your good intentions.

Daily Tarot Reflections Seven of Swords

tarot reflections the seven of swords

Seven of Swords Tarot Reflection

tarot reflections the seven of swordsThis card can indicate a happy surprise or previously unseen advantage. It also warns us to not “be sneaky”, and to watch for others who may have their own agenda.

It’s important to remember that we don’t have to manipulate or impose our will on the situation. Often it is better to wait for the right moment to move forward. Taking hasty action can undermine your efforts more than help. If you sit back sometimes the right answer has a way of “popping up” when it’s most needed.

Trying to force our will on a situation or another person typically backfires. If you feel a need to micromanage things at this time, explore it. Is there a hidden fear prompting questionable motives or behaviors?

This is a good card for reminding us that “what goes around comes around”. In that case, try being what you want to see more of. Are people around you being sneaky or engaging in less than desirable behaviors? Avoid the temptation to join in or retaliate. It only fuels the fire.

This is a card that reminds us that often our fears lead us to act against our better judgment or nature. Realize this tendency and you may prevent something you would later regret. Also, be careful who you share information with and how much.

Questions for Reflection

Have I been completely honest with myself and others about the situation?
In what ways have I gone against my better judgment and why?
Do I have trust issues I need to work out? Perhaps not being trusting enough or too open?

Daily Tarot Reflections Death Tarot Card

tarot reflections death tarot card

Daily Tarot Reflections Death

tarot reflections death tarot cardAlthough today’s card is actually widely feared and misunderstood – I find it to be one of my personal favorites. The infamous “Death” card with the hooded reaper seems ominous – but in fact it speaks of transition rather than finality or tragedy. Think of times in your life where an ending led to a fresh start that dramatically improved your life.

This card often comes up for renewal after a challenge or a new beginning after something ends.

This is the most feared and most widely misunderstood card in a Tarot Deck. The Death card does indicate a time of great changes being present. It also indicates leaving the past behind to start fresh, or to find new opportunities designed to further you in a different direction. It speaks of transition rather than final endings.

When this card comes up, it always indicates a period of progress. Sometimes this process can be painful at first. It’s hard to leave behind what we have come to know, but without change, growth wouldn’t be possible. In order to fly, a newly formed butterfly must struggle to break free from its cocoon. The struggle strengthens its wings. Without that struggle, the wings shrivel and the butterfly dies without ever experiencing the freedom of flight.

Sometimes we remain in “comfort zones” simply because they are familiar, although they offer us no place to stretch our wings. Sometimes life has a way of shaking things up when we need to get moving. The Death card speaks of these types of changes.

The Phoenix bird is a good way to view this card. Be like this legendary bird and rise up out of your own ashes to begin again. Regeneration and a new way of life are possible, look for the hidden opportunities. Our biggest challenges give birth to our greatest achievements because we find out what we are really made of.

Now is a good time to restore your faith in God/The Universe, and yourself. Embrace change because it is inevitable and with it comes opportunity; without it comes a lack of true living – or “death”.

Questions for Reflection

What do I need to sacrifice to reach my fullest potential?
Has resisting change been holding me back?
How can I best to adapt to current changes to make the most of the situation?

Daily Tarot Reflection The King of Pentacles

daily tarot reflections king of pentacles

daily tarot reflections king of pentaclesDaily Tarot Reflection The King of Pentacles

We often hear of “fear of failure” but what many of us aren’t aware of is a “fear of success”. With success comes accountability. When this card comes up we are being challenged to be a leader, to take control of the reigns and guide our own destiny. No time to blame external circumstances and other people for holding us back, we are the captain of our own ship.

This king is all about business, accountability and remaining focused on long-term goals as well as the small steps taken daily to achieve results. Empower yourself to really go after your goals. Don’t be reticent when it comes to following your dreams. With desire has to come the efforts to manifest results.

Pessimism and belief that the best “can’t happen to me” can result in self-fulfilling prophecy. Face fears of success as well as fear of failure. Ask yourself “If I could have all I truly wanted what would that be?”

Patience and persistence are rewarded. Make your efforts count. When this card comes up you will notice you either receive rewards or consequences depending upon your actions and attitude. Consider how your actions, or lack thereof, today will impact your future in the long run.

Questions for Reflection

Am I managing my time and resources effectively?
How are my recent actions likely to impact my future a year from now? 5 years from now?
Do I need to reassess my goals or develop new/better habits long-term?