Daily Tarot Reflection The King of Pentacles

daily tarot reflections king of pentacles

daily tarot reflections king of pentaclesDaily Tarot Reflection The King of Pentacles

We often hear of “fear of failure” but what many of us aren’t aware of is a “fear of success”. With success comes accountability. When this card comes up we are being challenged to be a leader, to take control of the reigns and guide our own destiny. No time to blame external circumstances and other people for holding us back, we are the captain of our own ship.

This king is all about business, accountability and remaining focused on long-term goals as well as the small steps taken daily to achieve results. Empower yourself to really go after your goals. Don’t be reticent when it comes to following your dreams. With desire has to come the efforts to manifest results.

Pessimism and belief that the best “can’t happen to me” can result in self-fulfilling prophecy. Face fears of success as well as fear of failure. Ask yourself “If I could have all I truly wanted what would that be?”

Patience and persistence are rewarded. Make your efforts count. When this card comes up you will notice you either receive rewards or consequences depending upon your actions and attitude. Consider how your actions, or lack thereof, today will impact your future in the long run.

Questions for Reflection

Am I managing my time and resources effectively?
How are my recent actions likely to impact my future a year from now? 5 years from now?
Do I need to reassess my goals or develop new/better habits long-term?