Tarot Lesson Justice

Remember do your own journal entries before reading mine to achieve the best results! The goal is teaching you how to connect with your own cards in your own style. Just reading and memorizing other people’s ideas/interpretations is not going to give you the intuitive, connected feeling you require to attach the imagery appropriately.

major arcana justiceTarot Lesson Justice

In this card, the woman sits on the throne. There are justice scales in one hand and an upright sword in the other. This card has an aura of strength – clear vision. She is facing us head on from a seat of authority. The sword upright suggests someone ready to take action. It also speaks of “sharpness” or an idea that is on target.

She has a clarity of vision and perspective that allows her to balance that scale.

Justice scales speak of being well balanced, next to the sword of action it tells me that the woman has carefully weighed all options and is contemplating and about to take action that is both swift, but fair.

When I see this card I think of someone who detaches emotionally and approaches problems with logic and analysis in an effort to be unbiased.  Looking at all sides of an issue through the lens of objectivity and emotional restraint, in an effort to find a fair and equitable solution to a challenge.