Tarot Lesson The Hanged Man

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The Hanged Man Major ArcanaTarot Lesson The Hanged Man

The first obvious thing in this picture is of course the man is hanging upside down by his foot.

He has a halo looking light around his head.  The greenery grows in the background.

He doesn’t appear to be upset or struggling – more complacent like he has accepted his fate and so he just hangs there.

This card speaks to me of “comfort zones”  – things that are not necessarily good for you, do not lead to growth, but yet for whatever reason you become resigned and continue to just hang in there.

The greenery in the background suggests to me that there are “greener pastures” waiting if one can just correct their path and right themselves.

The halo suggests to me wisdom and meditation – connecting with the Universal mind or one’s higher power to look for solutions rather than struggling or fighting what is

In the stillness our answers come which allow us to see clearly how to correct our path.