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Ready to learn Tarot? Be sure to bookmark the Learn Tarot page for a full list of free lessons.  If you haven’t started at the beginning yet; be sure to check the information for creating your Tarot journal.  It is the most effective way to learn Tarot for yourself in a way that makes sense for you.

The Magician

The Magician represents someone who is working to consciously manifest his dreams and desires.  He has the elements on the altar before him.

One hand with the wand points to the sky and the other hand points to the ground. It is bringing spirit and the material realm together, consciously directing your energy to manifest your dreams.

This is also a card of resourcefulness, learning to use what we have to meet our needs.  It also speaks of being proactive and having good problem-solving skills.

Magician is someone who knows what they desire and will stop at nothing to attain that desire – for better or worse.  Be sure that the goals you are pursuing are truly for your highest good.

Themes are personal power, directing of one’s energy, resourcefulness, determination, and will.

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Understanding Tarot The Star

tarot inspiration the star by christin

The Star card – nothing evokes quite so much optimism in me as this card does. I love that it serves as a reminder of the larger purpose of seemingly mundane things. It reminds us of our higher self and that we are not powerless in this Universe.

When we look in the night sky, the stars appear as pin dots against a vast backdrop, but in reality, every star is a powerful source of energy and they are of incomprehensible size. One’s vantage point determines a lot in life. Do you see yourself as part of something large and grand, or do you view yourself as a tiny pin dot lost in a sea of others?

The star is a reminder that you are larger and more powerful than you think you are. Look for the deeper wisdom and purpose in your circumstances.

Tarot interpretations the Star Tarot card


Understanding Tarot The Emperor

tarot inspirations by Christin the Emperor

Today’s Tarot lesson is an important one and I love the Emperor card so much for it.  There is a difference in life between self-discipline and punishment.  Those who reach goals consistently are keenly aware of this difference.

Discipline requires effort, but it is an effort that is not burdened by self-defeat, negative self-talk, procrastination due to fear of failure etc.  Discipline doesn’t demoralize or talk down – it looks up.  It provides incentive.

Self-defeat is why many people stop striving to reach their goals.  They give up and throw in the towel.  Think about it.  Weight loss is a good example.  Someone who focuses on increasing their health, improving their physical energy etc. is more likely to be successful than someone who obsesses over their appearance and compares themselves to others or unrealistic expectations.

In career areas, if you love what you do that passion for it compels you to push higher, see what you can do etc.  If you are stuck doing something you don’t like it becomes a burden.  You feel guilty for not getting ahead, but the passion for the cause isn’t there…

Emperor in a Tarot Reading

Time to be focused and disciplined, take initiative.  If you’ve been procrastinating there is a need to get it in gear and take positive, constructive action.  Consider your current plans also – are they truly beneficial to you? If so be proactive and if not, perhaps it’s time to find a new direction for your energies.

Personal Reflection Questions

  • Am I too hard on myself?
  • Do unrealistic expectations cause me to lose motivation?
  • Do I have a concrete plan and goals?
  • In what ways can I be more proactive?
  • Do I know the difference between punishment and discipline?

emperor tarot card meaing

Can You Teach Yourself Tarot?

teach yourself tarot

Wondering if you can teach yourself to read Tarot effectively?

The short answer to this question is “yes”. I believe that teaching yourself Tarot can be the best way to learn because it helps you to form a personal connection with your cards and learn to trust your own instincts.

Tarot is different than learning a language where there are set meanings and a specific way you must say things. Tarot is a language of sorts, but one that is highly subjective.

Think about it like this – what is ultimately going to be the most logical and make the most sense? Trying to memorize a bunch of definitions for each card written by someone else? Or taking time with your cards, looking at them, deciding what the stories in the cards mean to you and learning to use that to connect with your cards?

Many new Tarot readers attempt to learn Tarot the way you would Mathematics or a language. They want specific meanings and set answers. When they find conflicting information or different people who claim their ideas are “right” so other peoples are “wrong” it can understandably cause frustration.

Is Tarot Hard to Learn?

This depends on how you define hard. If hard means does it take a lot of time, patience, and repetitive practice? Then yes – it’s hard. If hard means is it difficult to do? No – it’s not. Developing a Tarot journal is very easy and the best way to get started.

If you go into Tarot immediately buying multiple books and trying to memorize everyone’s interpretations it will probably be so difficult and frustrating you’ll give up. If, on the other hand, you trust yourself enough to learn to use Tarot and develop your own base interpretations (which you can expand on later), then you’ll find the way much easier. When something is meaningful to you, when it triggers your own memories and feelings, it will “stick” and be more enjoyable to learn than rote memorization and second guessing.

What Tarot Deck Should I Learn With?

You can learn with any deck you like, however, I recommend starting with a Waite deck or one based on the more traditional deck. The reason is that there is typically more information available on those decks than more specialized or obscure decks.

Go through your deck using your Tarot journal once. After you have done that, take some time to read a book or two or look at the interpretations of others. You will often find things that expand your understanding of your cards. Other times you may read someone,s interpretations and they won’t resonate with you and that’s OK too. The point of teaching yourself Tarot is to develop your own Tarot language and then learn build upon it later on.

If you are looking for a deck; please consider visiting the Tarot Shop on this site.  I feature all of my favorite decks here.  Still not sure? or looking for some suggestions? Shoot me an email via the contact link above and I’ll be happy to help you find some decks that may be right for you.  With over 1500 in existence; the task can be daunting :).

How Does Tarot Work?

intro to Tarot how does Tarot work

This is my original article “Understanding Tarot Beyond the Myths” that has been featured in many places.  I thought I would revisit it here with a few updates.

There are many misconceptions surrounding the Tarot that I hope to clear up by explaining what Tarot is and is not. For the past 27 years, I have used the Tarot as an instrument to gain understanding and insight.

During this time I have had to grow into this tool also, learning through experience what it can and cannot do. Tarot is not a magic wand that lays out an easy future by providing all the answers in advance. The future is not set in stone, our use of free will ultimately determines our path.

Simply put, Tarot is an instrument used to gain deeper insight & understanding, which then leads to empowered decisions. It is a tool for personal transformation through the combined use of psychology and spirituality. It enhances awareness and expands horizons. When we have the pictorial wisdom of the Tarot laid out before us, it can illuminate choices, show us things we may have avoided seeing honestly and also impart wisdom allowing for more informed decisions.

Living an empowered life means understanding that the future is not entirely predestined. We come here knowing and allowing ourselves to have certain experiences, but we also shape those experiences through integration of what we have learned. Just like a grade in school, you have certain objectives and lessons that are part of the goal plan. Some students will succeed while others will not make the goal, but each student shapes his/her own learning experience through effort and application.

Tarot, when used properly, was never intended to be “magic”, just a tool for insight and knowledge. The ultimate outcome is entirely in the hands of the one seeking the guidance. No one and no oracle can ever tell you what is going to happen, merely point to likely scenarios based on current understanding.

As with anything else misunderstood, it is human nature to fear and label things that can be viewed as a potential threat. Things that are different are frightening and often labeled as evil outright or ridiculed, rather than explored. Remember, we lived in a society that burned people alive only a few hundred years ago because of fears of evil.

I use the cards for many purposes: inspiration for writing, meditation, reflection, asking for guidance when I feel confused, etc. The possibilities are limitless, as are the many different types of decks available. There are decks that represent many different spiritual paths, cultures, styles of art, and more making it easy to find one that fits right with the individual.