Tarot Reflections The Four of Cups

tarot inspiration the four of cups

tarot inspiration the four of cupsToday’s card highlights a very important concept when it comes to manifesting our ideal reality. When we want to bring about positive circumstances in our lives it is important to NOT focus on limitations and loss.

Often we get caught up in those thoughts in one form or another. I wish I wouldn’t have done ________. I don’t have enough _________. If only I had__________, I would be happy. You likely fill in these blanks in your thoughts much more often than you realize.

Today’s card is a simple reminder that what we focus on – shows up! A lot of us are busy creating the very opposite of what we want – because that is what we give our energy to so passionately!  ;).

I have a challenge for you today. Pay attention to your thoughts and just see for yourself how often they become limiting in some way. You may be very surprised at the results! As that happens; consciously rework and focus on a new, empowered version of that thought.

Instead of “I need more money I am broke”, instead redirect your thoughts to “how can I attract more abundance and opportunity?” You’d be surprised how creative the mind can be when it is being proactive rather than reactive.

The Four of Cups

In this card, we see the young man sitting beneath the tree looking rather perplexed and kind of tired. He is really focused on those three half-empty and spilled cups on the ground before him.

He’s so caught up in his focus on those cups that he doesn’t see the hand of the Divine reaching out to him with an overflowing chalice. This card speaks of both law of attraction and being open minded.

What we focus our energy on continues to manifest. When we are so focused on limitations and lack we leave no room for new opportunities and circumstances to enter – not because the Universe isn’t working to provide them, but because we become blind to them in our worries and other distractions.

Today take the time to focus on what you DO want to manifest in your life – and do it in the present tense. You want to be happy – choose to do something that makes you feel joyful today. Want to feel prosperity? Give to someone in need and focus on your blessings. Need to feel more fulfilled? Take time today to set yourself as a priority and make sure your needs are met.

Tarot Reflections The Three of Wands

tarot reflections three of wands

Tarot Reflections The Three of Wands

tarot reflections three of wandsThe Three of Wands is a card of choices, and learning to recognize potential rather than only seeing obstacles.

Here we see the man leaning on one of his staffs, the others have been left behind. He is moving out of comfort zones and into the new and unknown. The desert he is crossing through is barren, and the mountains are in the distance.

He can view this from different perspectives: One is that it is risky, and he might not make it. The other is that it is flat and empty, so there are no obstacles present and he can reach the mountain if he keeps moving.

The sunny skies indicate that his best opportunities will come from a willingness to accept new growth in his life. The red of his cloak indicates personal power and energy, it surrounds him in a protective way, allowing him to adopt the pioneering spirit he needs to move forward and act on new ideas.

The only other choice is for him to remain still, but the past leaves nothing to sustain him, and the future depends entirely upon his decision to act or not act. In this case, movement becomes necessary to bring about positive change.

There are times when we must encourage ourselves to leave the comfort of what we have known so that we might progress into a new and better way of living.

Daily Tarot Reflections The Queen of Swords

tarot reflections queen of swords

tarot reflections queen of swordsThis queen sits strong upon her throne, wielding a very sharp blade.

Beware the double-edged sword in this card. This queen has a dogged determination to meet her goals and have what she wants. The positive to this is that she has great energy and she devotes herself completely, works tirelessly and never gives up.

The downside is sometimes she fights so hard to get what she wants, only to later discover it was not in her best interests at all. Her determination is so strong that she doesn’t heed the advice of others, or she dismisses other signs and signals. Then, after much wasted effort; she discovers her energy could have been put to a more beneficial use.

This card reminds us that when something doesn’t feel right, no matter how much we think we want it, it’s sometimes better to let go and put that energy into more constructive channels even if it means an initial sacrifice or disappointment. An example might be someone who gives into a craving to satisfy the urges of the moment instead of staying focused on long-term goals.

Use the determination and strength of will represented in this card to direct your energy towards what is for your higher good. Queens always represent a dynamic spiritual force and true leadership that allows you to accomplish things you may not have thought possible.

Empower yourself to cut away any influences in your life that may be harmful to you long-term – anything from bad habits to toxic relationships. This queen grows through sacrifice and a willingness to leave comfort zones to pursue something better.


Daily Tarot Reflections Two of Cups

In this card, we see the man and woman exchanging ideas and sharing the chalices which represent collected wisdom/knowledge. The symbol above represents higher wisdom and healing pouring itself down and becoming available to them when they work in the spirit of cooperation and trust.

The man and woman in this card are symbolic of not only our relationships with others but in maintaining balance within: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health all of these things that seem to be opposing are actually intimately connected.  Work life balance is another great example.

Communication, unity and sharing resources are the primary themes of this card.

Today, take the time to communicate clearly and really listen to what others have to say. You will find that cooperation now benefits you later. This card also reminds us that everyone we meet is our teacher.  You can benefit from every interaction you have.

Work today to make your surroundings more harmonious also, sometimes just the act of straightening or reorganizing brings a sense of harmony and balance to the home/work which allows ideas and creative energy to flow more freely.


Tarot Reflections The Ace of Swords

tarot reflection ace of swords

Tarot Reflections The Ace of Swords

tarot reflection ace of swordsA card of change, growing by cutting away that which no longer serves your growth so that you can gain new opportunities and have a fresh start. The Ace of Swords indicates a period of overcoming obstacles and clearing the path to new and better opportunities.

When the Ace of Swords comes up it indicates a time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Do you have a situation in your life that needs to be cleared up to get you toward your goal of inner peace? It’s time to reconcile the differences.

When spring approaches many of us set about the task of spring cleaning, a sort of ritual almost in releasing the old and welcoming the new potential of spring. This card reminds us that now is a good time to for another “housecleaning” of sorts. Take time to clean up areas that no longer serve your growth; then you can wake up to more of your potential with the same enthusiasm and new energy that accompanies the arrival of Spring.

Swords are action cards, Aces new beginnings, and fresh starts. This ace reminds us that complacency or procrastination are harmful; by removing all that is no longer needed, you make room for better circumstances to make their way to you.

Key lesson of this card: When you weed a garden – you allow it to flourish.