The Empress Tarot Personality

Every Tarot card has personality traits associated with it.  These can be helpful when looking at other people, but also for personal reflection.  Perhaps you want to know what your greatest strengths and challenges are? The cards can give great insight into the personality and help you develop strengths and face your weaknesses.

the Empress

The Empress is the matriarch of the Tarot and symbolizes fertility and abundance.  She represents those who are nurturing and compassionate by nature, sometimes so much so that they put everyone ahead of themselves when not properly aligned.

People with this card tend to base their sense of identity and self-worth on others and on their roles and so long as they properly balance this with self-care, it’s a wonderful thing.

Empress people are also very creative and expressive and must use that ability to thrive.  Sequestering the creative energies in this personality can be detrimental to spiritual and mental health.  Empress people thrive when they are using their creativity to solve problems and to provide comfort and sustenance to others.

Pregnancy in this card is not only symbolic of fertility in the physical sense, but of the creative life force that wants to manifest.  The Empress person must have freedom to express themselves and should strive to keep a sense of personal identity separate from other people.

Empress people are most often drawn to artistic fields, teaching and the healing professions.  They tend to be empathic and compassionate and others are drawn to their loving energy.

Sometimes Empress people love a project so much that they may attract people who are broken in an attempt to fix them.  People with this card need to be very discerning in personal friendships and romantic relationships to ensure they are drawing healthy people into their circle.  The best way for this to happen is to focus on self-love and acceptance first.