Tarot Personality Card The Empress

Every card has a distinct “personality” and those characteristics can be used to look a bit at the person you are reading for or about.  This is a great way to better understand others and even yourself!

For example, draw two cards: One for natural strengths and the other for challenges.   This can help you determine how to approach someone, or even give insight into why you feel, think and act as you do.  You can also choose one that you resonate with as a “significator” card for a reading for yourself or another person.

Learn more about strengths you have and how to develop them to their fullest potential. Tap into your challenges and better understand how to work with and around them to make life easier.

The Empress

the EmpressThe Empress represents maternal instinct, the nurturer who is compelled to care for others and to provide comfort. This person is often artistic or musical. Empress people are more geared to use the creative side of the brain and will often come up with unconventional solutions to challenges.  Empress people need to use their creativity and personal expression and will use it to inspire and encourage others.

Naturally empathic, sometimes to a fault, Empress people can sometimes end up mothering everyone around them at the expense of taking care of their own needs. Empress people value beauty, aesthetics and are naturally optimistic. They believe and live by a notion that love and kindness conquer all.  They see the beauty in everyday places, events, and people and are genuinely kind and compassionate beyond measure.

Empress people who embrace their need for creative expression live much more fulfilling lives than those who try to “conform” to other people’s standards.  Unfortunately, their need to please others often leads them away from their authentic nature and Empress people often feel conflicted and torn.

You will not meet a more generous and genuine nurturer than an Empress.  When properly balanced, this person is a true matriarch, a light and great comfort for those who depend on her.  She is creative, expressive and encourages others to see the beauty in all things – even themselves.

An empress who is not well-balanced will often fall into the trap of “people pleasing” to the point she loses her sense of self.  At that point, she may become depressed, stop caring for herself and even become too overbearing as her sense of identity is wrapped up in those around her.  Her roles take on more importance than finding herself.