Tarot Reflections The Four of Cups

tarot inspiration the four of cups

tarot inspiration the four of cupsToday’s card highlights a very important concept when it comes to manifesting our ideal reality. When we want to bring about positive circumstances in our lives it is important to NOT focus on limitations and loss.

Often we get caught up in those thoughts in one form or another. I wish I wouldn’t have done ________. I don’t have enough _________. If only I had__________, I would be happy. You likely fill in these blanks in your thoughts much more often than you realize.

Today’s card is a simple reminder that what we focus on – shows up! A lot of us are busy creating the very opposite of what we want – because that is what we give our energy to so passionately!  ;).

I have a challenge for you today. Pay attention to your thoughts and just see for yourself how often they become limiting in some way. You may be very surprised at the results! As that happens; consciously rework and focus on a new, empowered version of that thought.

Instead of “I need more money I am broke”, instead redirect your thoughts to “how can I attract more abundance and opportunity?” You’d be surprised how creative the mind can be when it is being proactive rather than reactive.

The Four of Cups

In this card, we see the young man sitting beneath the tree looking rather perplexed and kind of tired. He is really focused on those three half-empty and spilled cups on the ground before him.

He’s so caught up in his focus on those cups that he doesn’t see the hand of the Divine reaching out to him with an overflowing chalice. This card speaks of both law of attraction and being open minded.

What we focus our energy on continues to manifest. When we are so focused on limitations and lack we leave no room for new opportunities and circumstances to enter – not because the Universe isn’t working to provide them, but because we become blind to them in our worries and other distractions.

Today take the time to focus on what you DO want to manifest in your life – and do it in the present tense. You want to be happy – choose to do something that makes you feel joyful today. Want to feel prosperity? Give to someone in need and focus on your blessings. Need to feel more fulfilled? Take time today to set yourself as a priority and make sure your needs are met.

Daily Tarot Reflections Temperance

Today’s card is very beautiful and a good reminder of “moderation” and balance. In this card, the angel stands by the stream pouring water from one chalice to the other. Water represents spiritual and emotional well being and she reminds us of the importance to balance our lives between self/others, career/personal, etc.

Temperance embodies the lesson of taking the middle road that frees you from polarities and allows you to accept and appreciate things as they are. This balanced perspective opens the mind, frees the soul and gives you room to breathe and grow.

Our best success comes from balancing all aspects of our nature and not by railing against what we deem unacceptable. Often we feel compelled to only accept certain aspects of ourselves while denying the others. For example, we are taught to hold back tears, not feel anger etc. This card says that moderation and acceptance allow us to experience life to its fullest.

When we feel anger; we don’t have to “lash out”, but we can accept that anger and turn it into a tool to empower ourselves and others by turning it into positive action. When we are sad, we don’t have to wallow in self-pity, but we can take the most from our sadness and use it to develop empathy and compassion. When we are afraid, rather than avoidance, we can face our fears and allow them to make us stronger. All things are good when balanced and used in moderation. No need to chastise oneself or others for being human.

This card also speaks of moderation in lifestyle habits as well, don’t overdo a good thing, but don’t deprive yourself either. When we deny ourselves it is like a punishment.

Discipline/moderation is positive, focusing on the benefits of a practice/habit. Punishment/deprivation is negative and self-defeating. This is where fine lines and balance really come into play. Consciously focus on bringing greater balance to your life.

Daily Tarot Reflections Five of Wands

tarot inspirations five of wands

tarot inspirations five of wandsThis card depicts a group of men, all armed with staffs fighting among themselves.

These fellows all so caught up in defending their own positions that nothing is getting accomplished. Perhaps if one of them puts down his staff and calls the group to order some diplomatic resolution can be reached.

When these guys are so busy fighting they don’t make any progress. So it is in life, we often get so caught up in the need to feel justified or to be right, that we don’t take the time to walk a mile in the other person’s shoes.

Another aspect to this card are the struggles within, and the ways in which we fight against our true nature, resist change, talk ourselves down etc.

Conflict resolution starts with a willingness to put ego aside, whether this be within yourself with conflicting thoughts or the inner critic, or without, among a group of peers or family. In doing so, you become the person who empowers, allowing all sides to be fully expressed so that a workable solution might be reached.