Tarot Reflections Seven of Pentacles

tarot reflections seven of pentacles

Tarot Reflections Seven of Pentacles

tarot reflections seven of pentaclesIn this card, the man stands looking down, feeling dejected and disappointed. Next to him are six coins that represent all of those things he was told would bring happiness.  He becomes so caught up in these ideas of what he thought should provide happiness, comfort, etc that he forgets or ignores the other coin that lies at his feet.

This forgotten coin represents choice and freedom. It reminds us that happiness and inner peace are choices and not future attainments dependent on outer world influences. It’s always right there “at your feet”.

The happiness provided by material goods is fleeting at best, leaving us looking for that next thing to fill the void. True happiness and contentment must be cultivated within and nurtured.  You should take the time to express yourself authentically and follow your true path.

We live in a society that continually bombards us with messages of “must have” “need” “not enough” etc. to get us to always chase the elusive dangling carrot of “enough” or “perfect”. It’s good for
business, but not so much for the psyche and human spirit. It’s no wonder that so many people feel a sense of emptiness or endless struggle.

If you’ve been feeling a bit blue, like something is missing; take some time today to do something that excites you.  Try a new skill or hobby, go on an adventure, make plans for your own business – whatever it is that you’ve been putting off, devote some time to it.

Daily Tarot Reflections The Queen of Swords

tarot reflections queen of swords

tarot reflections queen of swordsThis queen sits strong upon her throne, wielding a very sharp blade.

Beware the double-edged sword in this card. This queen has a dogged determination to meet her goals and have what she wants. The positive to this is that she has great energy and she devotes herself completely, works tirelessly and never gives up.

The downside is sometimes she fights so hard to get what she wants, only to later discover it was not in her best interests at all. Her determination is so strong that she doesn’t heed the advice of others, or she dismisses other signs and signals. Then, after much wasted effort; she discovers her energy could have been put to a more beneficial use.

This card reminds us that when something doesn’t feel right, no matter how much we think we want it, it’s sometimes better to let go and put that energy into more constructive channels even if it means an initial sacrifice or disappointment. An example might be someone who gives into a craving to satisfy the urges of the moment instead of staying focused on long-term goals.

Use the determination and strength of will represented in this card to direct your energy towards what is for your higher good. Queens always represent a dynamic spiritual force and true leadership that allows you to accomplish things you may not have thought possible.

Empower yourself to cut away any influences in your life that may be harmful to you long-term – anything from bad habits to toxic relationships. This queen grows through sacrifice and a willingness to leave comfort zones to pursue something better.


Daily Tarot Reflections Two of Cups

In this card, we see the man and woman exchanging ideas and sharing the chalices which represent collected wisdom/knowledge. The symbol above represents higher wisdom and healing pouring itself down and becoming available to them when they work in the spirit of cooperation and trust.

The man and woman in this card are symbolic of not only our relationships with others but in maintaining balance within: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health all of these things that seem to be opposing are actually intimately connected.  Work life balance is another great example.

Communication, unity and sharing resources are the primary themes of this card.

Today, take the time to communicate clearly and really listen to what others have to say. You will find that cooperation now benefits you later. This card also reminds us that everyone we meet is our teacher.  You can benefit from every interaction you have.

Work today to make your surroundings more harmonious also, sometimes just the act of straightening or reorganizing brings a sense of harmony and balance to the home/work which allows ideas and creative energy to flow more freely.


Daily Tarot Reflections The Sun

I love the Sun card and its symbolism. It is a reminder of our personal power, the energy we send out and what we can potentially become when we recognize our own worth.

The Sun is responsible for the live giving energy that keeps us on this planet growing and thriving. Within the heart of each one of us is also a core of power – a life force energy that creates and gives life to our thoughts and ideas.

Have you ever looked at the stars at night and thought how far away and small they looked? Millions of little pin dots all through the universe. The truth is though, that each of those is a “sun” a powerful source of energy whose light reaches through the universe. We see the stars and think of them as small, detached, far away – but they are all a powerful part of the universe. We tend to look at ourselves as detached, small and far away as well – think about that for awhile… You are larger than you think you are.

The Sun indicates a period of sustenance and support. When this card comes up know that you are being guided and supported by the universe. If you’ve been feeling a bit out of touch lately with your life purpose, or finding goals difficult to reach, the Sun card reminds you to get in touch with your source. Tap into that deep inner wisdom and intuition, not what your mind “thinks” you want to hear. Now is a time for growth through building a positive foundation.

When the Sun appears in a daily spread it tells us to also ensure that we are properly sustaining ourselves in all areas. Just like plants need the suns energy to grow and thrive, we also have vital needs that must be fulfilled,not only physically, but emotionally,mentally,and spiritually as well.

The Sun also symbolizes power and raw energy. Now is a good time to work with this energy and direct it towards positive goals. Where our thoughts go our energy follows, so pay attention today to the areas where you are directing your vital energy. Make any necessary revisions. Don’t underestimate the creative power you have within yourself.




Daily Tarot Reflections The Lovers

The Lovers card is a Major Arcana card that centers strongly around fulfillment and desires. This card warns us not to let our heart/emotions cloud our judgment! This is a good time to take inventory of your life and find out if you are truly going for your hearts desires, or are you stagnating? Are you settling for less than you deserve? or are you unsure of what will bring you fulfillment ultimately? Do you depend on others for happiness instead of seeking personal fulfillment?

Today’s card asks you to find your true passion, a cause or life path that really lights a fire in your soul. Seek this path out now, the time is right. You may just “stumble” across something unexpected that will start you on a whole new mission 🙂

The Lovers card also talks to us about unions, not only with our spouses or significant others but with ourselves… what can you do to be a better friend to yourself? Remember that soul mate staring
back in the mirror at you every morning, and see that your basic needs are being fulfilled. Those who are satisfied personally find it easier to draw stronger, healthy people into their circle and healthier relationships are formed.

The Lovers card also speaks of sensual pleasures, take a long walk in nature, a bubble bath, drink a nice blend of coffee or tea. Let your senses come alive and take some time to enjoy the beauty of your life and all the pleasures we take for granted in the seemingly smallest things. Spend some time being fully conscious and aware and your daily life will be richer and more meaningful.