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Physically this card represents vitality and dynamic energy. Focus on purifying the body with excellent nutrition so that you can function at peak energy. This card tends to represent a healing process or cleansing taking place. If you have been feeling sluggish or run down, this is a good time to detox or cleanse to restore your vitality.


The Sun represents the core source of energy that fuels all existence. All things, even thoughts, are composed of energy. What we believe is what we create. Do you like what you’ve been creating? This card speaks of a need to empower yourself by redirecting your energy into positive channels.

Every experience can be approached from a “solution” based mindset; instead of a defeatist one. If you are struggling with something, change your vantage point and approach. Soon you’ll see things start to improve and you’ll feel more empowered and confident.


This card represents our personal power, magnetism, and the vital force behind all things. It is energy in its purest form and reminds us that we can direct our own energy consciously and deliberately. Put your energy behind paths that serve your highest good.

If you feel it’s time to move in new directions; you can direct this energy towards developing new plans and the courage to follow them. Work to direct your thoughts (energy) away from negativity such as anger, regret etc. as that robs you of your vitality.

This is one of the strongest cards in the deck in regards to personal power and ambition; use your energy in constructive ways and good things will happen. Leave your energy unchecked or directed towards negative mindsets and challenges will result.

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