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This card speaks of developing balance and in regards to health indicates an approach that considers all aspects of your being. Anything that balances mental/spiritual/physical health in one activity is a real plus for you now.


This card teaches us to learn the fine balance between give and take, have and want etc. Look for your center in any area of your life that seems imbalanced. Step away from the situation and look at it as though you were an outside party looking in, as though you were advising a colleague or friend.

This can help you maintain balance through objectivity. This card depicts a tendency to bounce back and forth or to be indecisive, usually due to fears/insecurities that you need to address.


This card speaks of finding and then maintaining balance and not bouncing from one extreme to the other. Learning to take the middle road or practice more detachment and not focusing so much on outcomes or trying to figure things out in advance, but knowing there is an order and purpose to all experiences.

Those who are on an “even keel” find they are able to open up to higher wisdom and understanding that can guide them through times of uncertainty or challenge.

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