seven of wands tarot cardFree 3 Card Tarot Reading the Seven of Wands


In this card, the man takes a defensive stance with all these wands before him. He feels intimidated and perhaps at the mercy somewhat of these potential obstacles. This card speaks of a need to not be intimidated by health issues, but be proactive in your health, particularly in regards to health maintenance and prevention.

When this card comes up you may have different conditions that run in your family or a recurring illness or condition that prompt you worry you about the future or to feel helpless, like you just have to accept that fate. This card reminds you actions taken now can help prevent and/or improve conditions going forward.  Don’t be complacent.


This card indicates a bit of a stressful period. Perhaps you have been more introspective lately. In this card, the man stands defensive and looks tired. Sometimes before doing battle, it helps to take a break and clear your head.

Frustrations only seem to multiply when we keep giving energy to them. Turn your thoughts to something else for a bit and then come back to the issue at hand later when your mind is calm and relaxed.


In this card, the man is a bit fatigued and really clutching his staff like he’s expecting a fight. He has faced a lot of things and as such he may distrust himself, his choices or feel that the world or others are against him.

When this card comes up, it speaks of a need to reestablish trust in yourself and to know that all things in life serve a purpose ultimately. Glean the wisdom from past experiences and use that energy as motivation, rather than waste time and vital energy fearing future disappointment.

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