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This card can speak of the effects of a bit of depression or the “blahs” feeling a bit low energy or not enthused. If you are bored that can also manifest in feelings of fatigue and listlessness physically. Try to find something to inspire you and reignite your passion.  The pull of inertia can create a difficult pattern to break.


In this card, the young man stands pondering six of the pentacles. He leans on his staff and looks rather somber as all of the things he “thought” would bring happiness, have not. He’s so caught up in trying to achieve happiness, that he doesn’t see the other pentacle lying at his feet. Sevens are cards of introspection and going within to figure out for yourself, free from outside influences, what it is you truly want/need.


This card reminds you to not rely too heavily on the material world for a sense of wholeness or happiness. Many people spend their whole lives chasing material goals, only to find out that something is still missing. This is a card of soul searching and recognizing that inner peace comes from happiness that is cultivated from within. Happiness is a choice possible at any given moment and isn’t dependent on any outside source.

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