Angel Card Readings – Where to Find an Accurate Reading Online!

Have you ever wanted a card reading with a psychic where all the messages were constructive and designed to help you with your issues yet are positive and uplifting? Would you like a reading where the cards are sensitive to your situation and vulnerabilities but honest? An angel card reading is exactly what that is… And angel card readings are accessible, easy to find, and available online.

This article will help you find out where and how to find affordable legitimate and experienced online angel readings for a reasonable price!

Angel card readings are a wonderful way to seek and find guidance in your everyday life.

Whether you’re facing a dilemma, want some additional insight on a life issue you’re dealing with, or even if you’re simply “just curious”.

Angel cards are also excellent tools to help you with your spiritual growth and assist those whose spiritual practices include meditation.

If you’re in need of some urgent answers right now, don’t worry—we can help you. Follow the steps below for a fast-track to an instant card reading.

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  1. Go to our verified angel reading site, here are some of our recommendations for trustworthy readings:,,, and
  2. Sign-up and select your angel reader.
  3. Submit your card details to begin your reading (or enjoy a free 3-minute trial).
  4. The reader of your choice will contact you for the reading!

Enjoyed your reading and found it helpful? Don’t forget to give us your feedback in the comments at the bottom of the page to help other make their choice!

And if you’re just curious or you’d like to know more before proceeding to get your reading, feel free to continue reading below the box!

So, what exactly are angel cards?

Angel cards are a form of cartomancy (divination by cards). Basically, cartomancers can use any deck of cards—even your common playing cards or postcards—for divination!

Many cartomancy card creators have even developed their own card systems. “Oracle cards” are what we usually call decks of cards developed by authors using their own systems.

Most angel cards are in oracle card format that follow the system set by their author. Usually they feature a message (this can be in the form of an affirmation, a divinatory message, a prayer, or guidance) along with the accompanying illustration (these images can also be read intuitively—making them perfect for intuitive divination and meditation guidance).

They typically look like these beautifully-designed cards:

These cards were designed based on a wide variety of cultures, systems of beliefs and religions, and cultures. Basically, there’s an oracle deck for everyone and every belief!

The themes range from Spirit guides (animal spirits, guardian angels, ascended masters, family spirits) to angles in the Bible (Raphael, Michael, Gabriel) as well as Judeo-Christian lore (Uriel, Azrael).

If your angel card reader owns a variety of angle card decks, you can request him/her/them to use a deck that suits your preference. All you have to do is ask for their card selection.

How do they work?

Angel oracle cards, as with other cartomancy cards, pick up on energies surrounding us and relay that information in a way we can physically see them. These messages are delivered through cards chosen by divine guidance for you.

Oftentimes, they are direct messages from the spirit guides that you have not been able to connect with yet.

As with other cartomancy methods and systems, angle guidance readings typically do not offer a “yes” or “no” answers, although that’s not to say the answers you will receive will not be straightforward! Because they will usually be quite clear.

The answers are rich and nuanced—and more importantly they will always remind us of our free will. Here are some examples of angel cards:

Another important thing for new potential clients to understand before they get an online angel reading is that the answers are not set in stone! These cards merely capture the energy surrounding a situation or issue, just simple the ‘vibes’ in your life in general.

And as an added extra bonus? The angel cards will offer you constructive advice to improve your situation. So, really, there is no reason at all to be intimidated or afraid.

During a reading, these cards will be interpreted for you by a card reader who is familiar with the deck’s system. If your reader also happens to be psychic (clairvoyant), he/she/they may also receive additional messages channelled through the cards.

How angel cards differ from tarot cards and other cartomancy cards?

While many other cartomancy cards feature negative and sometimes “scary cards” and jarring messages, such as the Death card in the tarot or the Scythe card in the Lenormand, angel cards are usually positive and uplifting.

Angel cards readings are designed to help the querent gain some peace of mind, while offering constructive advice to better themselves, foster spiritual growth, and help gain perspective.

Angel oracle cards contain messages of wisdom from our guardian angels here on earth, spirit guides, and with the help of mediums, also deceased loved ones—they are also ideal for connecting with the spirit realm. The tone of these cards is calming, soothing, comforting, and compassionate.

If you’re thinking of helping a friend, relative, or loved one seek guidance for an issue that leaves them feeling vulnerable, these gentle cards are ideal for helping them.

What can I use an angel card reading for?

  • Divination
  • Gaining clarity in any area of your life (relationships, career, family matters, life in general)
  • Finding closure
  • Spiritual guidance and spiritual growth
  • Enables you to connect with your spirit guides
  • A means for you to get in touch with your intuition/higher self
  • Contacting and receiving messages from deceased loved ones
  • A guiding/focusing tool for meditation practices
  • Any open-ended question you’re open to guidance about

What kind of questions can I ask?

Anything! There is no limit to what you can ask the cards. You can even request your reader to use a typical tarot spread designed to answer specific questions combined using the positive and uplifting messages of these angel cards in your reading. You can ask for a love reading, a general reading, a career reading—anything you want to know. You can even request a reading for the month to see theme you should meditate on, if meditation is part of your spiritual practice.


The only thing you should remember is that angel readings should never be used as a substitute for medical advice. If you have a health concern, please seek help of a medical professional.



Do I have to meet an angel card reader in person to benefit from an accurate angel card reading?

Of course not!

Don’t worry about not having the time to visit or living far from where most spiritual shops are. There are plenty of online angel readings available to anyone anywhere in the world, anytime, in any timezone.

Many of the readers are also multilingual, and you can easily choose a reader who speaks the language you are most comfortable communicating in!

These readings are available through any medium of your choice, be it email, phone, chat, or text.

Some good, trustworthy sites featuring angel card readings include:,,, and

And most importantly: Online angel card readings work just as effectively, and accurately as in-person readings do. All the online angel reader needs to do is tap into your energy without you having to be physically presents, and they will be just as accurate as an in-person reading.

Remember, a legitimate and reputable angel card reader who does their business online is more accurate than a scammer you meet in person.

Where can I get a good angel card reading online?

There are numerous websites online that offer angel card readings, including (in alphabetical order):

Website Features URL
Kasamba ·        Approximately 29 readers specialise in angel card readings.

·        The first 3 minutes of the reading are free.

·        Rankings, ratings, and reviews (all easily-sorted for users) to help you decide which reader is best for your needs.
Keen ·        Easy to sort rates/prices to find a reader best suited for your price range.

·        Very straightforward layout and easy navigation.

·        Easily accessed reviews of readers.

·        Has special offers (special prices, et cetera).

·        Available via call and chat.

·        Every conversation is 100% risk free.
Oranum ·        Multilingual readers in various timezones, lists all the languages each reader speaks on their profile—quite straightforward.

·        Free 9.99 credits upon registration.

·        Website available in various languages.
PsychicSource ·        Introductory rate as low as $1 per minute.

·        3 minutes free for your first paid reading.


How much do angel readings cost?

The price range for readings can vary greatly depending on website, and this can be very confusing to first-time clients.

The reason being that each reader may have a set of considerations in their price-setting.

There may be newer readers trying to build a clientele who set a low “introductory price” as they’ve just started out—but are perfectly accurate, gifted readers. There are some who set a US$1.99 rate as a “formality” since they believe in helping others but prefer not to set a “free of charge” price tag as that would leave them vulnerable to being taken advantage of, or just enough to cover expenses.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are also big-name scam artists, with no real gifts or abilities, who will charge a fortune to unsuspecting clients.

Don’t judge a reader by their rates.

What are the pros and cons of angel card readings?

There are plenty of pros: The cons include:
·        Angel card readings can be done very conveniently since they can be done online (quick access, can be ordered from anywhere and anytime).

·        Angel cards have more positive messages (they’re less “scary” than tarot cards and Lenormand cards which can have jarring images such as “death” or “snake”).

·        Angel card readings are meant for you to evolve and improve your situation, they’re not about “doom and gloom” in the way the tarot can be disheartening.

·        Angel cards pick up on the energies surrounding you, and the results are not set in stone—if anything, the cards will provide you with advice to enable you to better a difficult situation or right a wrong.

·        This art attracts many con artists who pose as psychics, be sure to know how to spot these individuals.

·        You may end up getting news you didn’t want to hear.



What should I look for in an angel card reader?

There are plenty of angel card readers out there with different personalities, but there’s a reader for everyone. Don’t afraid to shop around. Read the reviews (they’re there for a reason—to help you decide on which reader is best for you).

  1. Read their profile carefully, pay attention to the details—find a reader that really “speaks to you” through their profile.
  2. If you’re seeking a specific skill to fit your needs, look for that. For instance: a reader who is also a medium may help you seek guidance from deceased loved ones through the cards.
  3. Try to find a reader who speaks the language you are most comfortable communicating in—if your mother tongue isn’t English, find a reader who speaks your mother language. Communication is a huge and key part of an angel card reading, so find a reader who will communicate effectively with you. Someone with whom you can express yourself and get your point across easily. Learning your options can save you a lot of trouble and prevent possible miscommunications.
  4. Take advantage of the free trials that many of the sites above offer. They are offered for a good reason: These free trials give you the opportunity to get a feel of the reader (and vice versa) to see whether you have a connection, whether their temperaments will flow well with yours. Ask yourself whether you want tone you want a reading to be. Would you want a blunt reader who will tell you like it is, or are you in a time of your life where a gentler voice would be more appropriate for you? If you are ordering a reading to help a loved one, or if you’re ordering a reading as a gift, consider a gentler tone.
  5. Most importantly: Let your intuition guide you!

Another thing to remember is: A good reader will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Some readers will not be afraid of offending you if they believe it’s in your best interest to know a truth you don’t be happy to hear.

Of course, a good reader will try to be compassionate in communicating what you need to know and will usually deliver the news in a way that is sensitive to your feelings and state-of-mind. That being said, a reader who isn’t afraid of telling you the truth (rather than just telling you want you think you want to hear) is probably a good sign that your reader is a legitimate reader who isn’t just trying to scam you.

How can I avoid scams?

Unfortunately, due to the abstract nature of spiritual work, the community is vulnerable to scammers. Not all card readers are scammers, but the scammers give the legitimate readers a bad name. The best way to weed the legitimate readers from the bad apples are mainly:

  1. Finding a trusted site where the readers are verified and tested—if the site allows client feedback and reviews, the better!
  2. Read reviews and take advantage of the free trials provided by a trusted website. The free trials are there so you can test your connection with readers. If a reader gives you bad vibes or your instinct tells you “no”, you can easily say, politely say “thank you” and back out before you proceed to a paid reading.

Here are some reputable websites that host angel card readers:,,, and

If you decide to get a reading and had a positive experience with a legitimate reader, please help others in need by leaving an honest review of your own reading to help others find the good apples and share your pleasant experience too!

Try your first angel reading now. Don’t forget to leave feedback to encourage others to seek help and a similarly positive experience!

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