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This card indicates that you are proactive and take charge of your own health. You may be into natural health or alternative type healing modalities, or just have a preventive/maintenance attitude towards your health that benefits you. This card speaks of good health, hard work or fitness, building strength etc. It’s a strong card and indicates that you have a lot of stamina and should work to build endurance and strength.


This is a card of learning to direct your energy, rewards for efforts, and working on self-improvement. Magician recognizes the power of the mind to shape his reality and calls on you to consciously work to change the way you approach things. Focus on your victories and what you can do and direct your energies in those positive directions.


The Magician has all he needs surrounding him. One hand points to the sky representing spirit/higher calling and the other to the ground representing the material realm. He is challenged to bring together his highest dreams and goals with his earthly reality. Magician calls on us to bring the sacred to our daily routines and recognize the value of what we bring to the world.

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