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Lovers is a card of unity and cooperation. In regards to health, it speaks of the need to find inner harmony by balancing all aspects of your being and recognizing how all the bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical) all affect each other. What you do to promote health in one area will benefit the others and conversely what you engage in that is harmful will negatively impact you on all levels.

There is a need for moderation and more balance, seeing your different “bodies” as a working whole rather than separate. At this time, you are out alignment in one or more areas and are being called to harmonize your approach to whole being wellness.


This card indicates harmony, uniting opposites and working through differences to find better circumstances. It also speaks of truth and honesty with self and others. This card cautions you not to ” romanticize” or idealize situations or people that are not serving our highest good

It also warns against self-deprecation and perfectionism. Trying to live up to the standards of others or to unrealistic ideals leads to disappointment and feelings of alienation. Acceptance of self helps you become more well-rounded and have a deeper sense of purpose.


The Lovers is a card of uniting opposites, coming together for a higher purpose and when possible, bridging estrangements. It calls you to accept the whole of your being and to incorporate/accept all aspects of the soul in order to feel complete.

In life, both night and day are necessary for the continuation of life, and so it is with our soul, we are composed of both light and dark, which completes the full picture. Spiritually speaking this is a card of embracing and accepting all aspects of yourself in order to gain wisdom and understanding. When we accept and understand ourselves fully; peace comes and so does the ability to rise above limitations.

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