The Life Cycle Tarot Reading

This 10 position spread focuses on the past, present, and future and shows the flow of various issues moving through time in your life. It gives detailed insight into repeating patterns, blockages, and strengths. It also highlights future possibilities, what is possible to achieve on your current path, and suggests an action plan to empower yourself to live your best life from here forward.

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  • Position 1: Self-Undoing: this position shows the ways in which we get in our own way, the things we do that seem to sabotage us.
  • Position 2: Recent Past: This position shows the circumstances, attitudes, and beliefs, which have carried you into the present moment.
  • Position 3: Roots: this position points to programmed reactions from your history, the way you tend to react to events based on the upbringing you had. It can indicate instincts that condition your outlook. Wisdom gained from past experience.
  • Position 4: Higher Power: This position refers to inner guidance, lifting us up so that we can overcome obstacles and reach our fullest potential. Many times we don’t like to accept what this position holds, but it is necessary to at least look at objectively so that we can take the best from it and empower ourselves.
  • Position 5: Self: this card represents you in the environment of present conditions, giving insight behind the reason you are seeking guidance at this particular time. This is usually an internal card as opposed to pointing at outside conditions.
  • Position 6: Situation: an objective look at present circumstances and what you have to work with
  • Position 7: Far Future, this suggests long term potential you have that is unfolding from current events.
  • Position 8: Near Future: This card indicates the direction that the flow of your life wants to go and can indicate whether you are going with the flow or against the current.
  • Position 9: The Lesson: this position indicates ways to learn from your experiences.
  • Position 10: Best Course of Action: What you can do now to make the most according to the circumstances you find yourself in

Remember that even if you don’t like the course you’re on; you and you alone have the power to change your own destiny. Free will is the greatest gift given you by the Creator. Make wise and informed decisions for yourself. Tarot is a key to point out patterns and ideas on the road map of life, but isn’t intended to tell one “what to do”..

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January 2022

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