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Kings symbolize leadership, control and a sense of power. Wands represent potential, ideas, starting new things. In regards to health, this King represents gaining strength and pushing yourself to be your strongest.

There is a spirit of enthusiasm that carries you, allowing you to take charge of your own health. People with this card do well when they focus on competition with self – building stamina, endurance, and physical strength.


This card represents a leader, one who is responsible for coming up with ideas and finding solutions to problems. He bears great responsibility and many people depend on him. This card can indicate feeling burdened with responsibilities and that you have to prove yourself or be all things to all people.

This kind of self-imposed pressure can heighten anxieties and bolster stress levels. Great leaders are those who balance meeting their own needs with meeting the needs of others so they can lead by example.


The King of Wands is a card of determination, leadership, generosity and positive direction. The spiritual lessons this card offers are using your creativity and being open to new ideas. It also indicates the need to see things through from start to finish (and everything in between).

Sometimes this king gets very caught up in ideas, but in the process can miss some of the details. Organization can help greatly in this area. This King speaks of following your passion but do so in a methodical way that allows you to meet all your goals.

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