major arcana justiceFree One Card Tarot Reading Justice

This is a card of fairness, objectivity and weighing all sides of a story before taking action or jumping to conclusions. Balance and compromise lead to positive choices that serve the highest good for all involved.

The Justice tarot card meaning is one of “inner justice” learning to be disciplined (positive and uplifting) as opposed to punishing yourself (demoralizing and demeaning). Many do not recognize when they cross this fine line. If you are disciplined you will feel inspired and motivated. If you are berating yourself you will feel hopelessness or quit without giving your ideas a real chance.

In regards to working with others, whether it’s a personal or familial relationship or workplace; this card speaks of a need for compromise and objective decision making. Ensure all parties feel they are being heard and that their opinions are taken into consideration. You may be called to play the role of mediator now.

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