major arcana judgmentFree 3 Card Tarot Reading Judgement


This card indicates making wise choices and taking a well-balanced approach. Regarding health, it speaks of taking responsibility for your health on all levels and approaching this from a well-rounded perspective. You tend to approach your health with a lot of scrutiny, but may be too focused on one area above others.

For example, you may meditate regularly but neglect regular physical exercise. The Judgment card can also be a sign telling you to pay attention and be a bit more diligent about maintaining your health and taking preventative measures.


This card speaks of the need to be disciplined and focused, without crossing the line into criticism or self-destructive thoughts. Discipline is uplifting and inspires you to reach higher and grow. Punishment and being too rigid or exacting, deteriorates your resolve and causes self-sabotaging challenges like apathy, self-doubt or giving up before you really get started.


The Judgment card comes up around planning new ventures and making improvements. It often follows a dawning of new meaning or purpose in your life or the search for meaning. Ensure that you don’t judge current situations with pre-conditioned responses or prejudices based on past occurrences. Embrace a clean slate mentality and open yourself to learn from new experience.

When properly balanced, this card indicates the ability to resolve conflicts in both the inner and outer worlds. This brings healing and new opportunities. This is also a card of honesty and integrity. You are called now to approach your life path honestly, not by what you “think” you “should” do etc. What does your spirit long for?

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