the hierophant Tarot cardFree 3 Card Tarot Reading the Hierophant


The Hierophant speaks of someone who is called to be a leader; someone others look to for support. Your natural gift of tact and diplomacy brings people together for a common purpose. This reminds you that you are also called upon to be a leader and healer in your own life as well.

This is a card that speaks of being proactive, seeking solutions rather than waiting for things to arrive. In regards to physical health, it indicates a need to take initiative to learn what all your options are and to not just take the word of others without doing some of your own research.

The Hierophant calls upon you to be accountable for your actions and to be proactive in restoring/maintaining good health.


Here the Hierophant indicates an ingrained need you have for truth and deeper understanding. You seek the deeper meaning behind all of your experiences. As a result, you naturally look for ways to promote yourself, to further your knowledge and to grow personally.

You may be a pillar of your community or the “family rock” people turn to for guidance. This is a card of expansion and finding a sense of higher purpose or calling. Hierophant people tend to be visionaries or leaders in their field.


This card represents those who feel a sense of higher calling and responsibility to others. In this card the priest sits before the congregation, contemplating his choices. He understands his decisions have an impact on the whole.

This card comes up for those who feel called to serve others and show them their inner light. Teachers, Clergy, Counselors are just a few of the types of people who have this card appear for them.

The important lesson with the Hierophant is to learn balance and moderation between giving of yourself to others and also ensuring your own needs and dreams are met. Lead by example.

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