The Hanged Man Major ArcanaThe Hanged Man


This is a card of feeling stuck in the same unfruitful position. The desire to move forward may be here, but there is still something that holds you back or keeps you stationary. The Hanged Man indicates stagnation and a need to consciously do something different. In this case, changes are required to improve your health and longevity and restore your vitality and enthusiasm.


A need to change your mind or the way you are approaching things is indicated here. Perhaps you have a negative belief system in place that you need to consciously reform. The Hanged Man indicates the status quo and things not progressing; time to take new decisive actions. Work to be conscious of your thought patterns and how they may be holding you back and then initiate changes. You can’t change your destiny without changing your thinking.


This card indicates reaching a standstill or feeling things are just not making the kind of progress you had hoped. It can also indicate a lack of resolution due to inaction or an inability/unwillingness to initiate needed changes.

In some ways, this resting period gives you the benefit of taking the time to analyze what you truly want and need. Don’t let it go on for too long, however, or this energy can take over and lead to a life of mediocrity and settling for less. Take time to get in touch with your spirit and re-spark your passion.

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