The Hanged Man Major ArcanaFree One Card Tarot Reading the Hanged Man

This card speaks of stasis, stalled progress, not taking action or perhaps even procrastination. This card suggests you may not be making a necessary or beneficial change, and are perhaps even denial of the need to make changes.

In this card, the man is stuck in the same position. He doesn’t appear distressed, but he certainly isn’t getting anywhere. Perhaps he gave up and has just settled for the path of least resistance. Perhaps he is unsure what direction to pursue so he just kind of hangs there waiting for a sign or something.

Hanged man advice: When this card comes up you are being asked, “what can you do right now to help yourself move in positive new directions?”

If you have been feeling “stuck” lately this card puts you on notice to reevaluate your position and initiate any needed changes or you risk remaining stationary – and that doesn’t allow for growth or a feeling of fulfillment.

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