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This card indicates a need to take action or be more proactive. Now is the time to engage in activities designed to maintain and build health and preventative measures. This card says if something is starting to be a bit troublesome; don’t procrastinate or wait to take action or it could become something more serious.

Address health concerns as they come up. Anxieties and fears sometimes cause people to put off needed medical care, ultimately creating more problems that could have been avoided with early intervention.


This card indicates a tendency towards procrastination and avoiding things that are looming, perhaps as the result of anxiety or feeling overwhelmed. As a result, you may find that things seem to “pile up” on you because you are not managing them as they come up. This is a card of learning to better manage time and overcome self-sabotaging habits like procrastination or apathy.


This card can indicate spiritual awakening often after a challenging turn of events or surprise that caught you off guard. It tends to follow life events that cause you to question your belief system, your purpose etc. It can feel challenging at first, but is actually quite progressive and leads to a period of growth and enlightenment after a period of feeling “asleep” or disconnected from your source.

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