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This card indicates some form of denial or making excuses for behaviors or habits that are not healthy for us. Now is a time to assess your health and try to incorporate some new, healthier habits and to overcome anything that may be putting your health at risk before these negative habits catch up with you.


This is a card of deception and trickery. In this card, the man sneaks off with most of the swords while the other men stumble around aimlessly looking. It can indicate that you feel out of control of your life/circumstances and also that you distrust where you are being led.

This card can also indicate that you may sometimes make excuses for poor behavior in others or allow them to take advantage of your kindness. This card also warns against a tendency for “passive aggressive” or manipulative behaviors towards others as well. This often happens due to fears of loss or powerlessness.


The Five of Swords is a card of trickery and self-deception. It speaks of the need to look at yourself and your life with a high degree of objectivity when it is called for. A good time to detach and reassess and work very hard to keep a high vantage point that takes you out of the emotional tangles and mind chatter that can distract from our higher wisdom. This is a period of overcoming some inner turmoil and seeking your answers through reconnecting with your spirit.

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