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This is a card of hardships and physical handicaps. It can indicate a bout of injury or illness and recovery. It also speaks of the need to not ignore your health or put it on the back burner. Be proactive now.


Five in Tarot represents periods of inner conflict and struggle and working to overcome these things from within. The Five of Pentacles (Coins) can indicate a period of high stress or anxiety, feeling drained emotionally/mentally/spiritually.

This card suggests feeling a lack of support and can also come up around issues of co-dependence or being around others who “suck you dry”. In this card the couple is destitute, stumbling around in the snow. They are so caught up in their hardships, they fail to notice the church right behind them where they can take shelter from the storm.

This card tends to indicate a period of time where you feel overwhelmed and shut out.


Five of coins tends to point to a time of spiritual conflict and a need to reestablish trust in both yourself and your higher power. Address feelings of abandonment and realize that sometimes in life when we feel alone or that our answers aren’t forthcoming; it is actually us resisting what we don’t want to face with honesty.

You are never alone, reach out more and trust yourself to make better decisions.

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