five of pentacles tarot cardTarot Wisdom | The Five of Pentacles (Coins)

In this card, we see a destitute couple, outside the walls of a church. This card symbolically indicates being in a period where you are feeling disconnected from your source, (outside the church), and may be too focused on the material world and its hardships.  It also indicates handicaps and conditions that cause the seeker to question his/her path. Other times it points to toxic relationships with others, where two or more people are co-dependent or participating in sabotaging behaviors or enabling them in others.

Position 1: Background | Present Concern

Focuses on changes, challenge, unfortunate circumstances, being devastated by a failed relationship or event. Can indicate a period of spiritual or material poverty, Feelings of lack or of being victimized by circumstances.

Position 2: Your Drive and Motivations

You don’t want to face the situations you know you must because they are difficult. Avoidance of issues may cause you to get into a cycle of repetition, or to engage in self-sabotaging beliefs or habits.

Position 3: What’s Blocking You – Fears and Subconscious

You fear anything that could cause more pain, feeling deceived by life, depression, fear of loss or loneliness. This is a card where fears tend to take over and grow like weeds which in turn causes feelings of alienation and frustration emotionally and spiritually. A need to seek a supportive environment and reestablish deeper bonds of trust with yourself and those who can actually offer you positive, constructive advice and support.

Position 4: Perspective and Further Awareness – What you Need to See Clearly

This card suggests that you would benefit from a support group type environment with people whose experiences mirror yours, who can offer new solutions and genuine support. What you need to know is that although you are hurting now, the type of suffering you have been facing develops strength and compassion in the long run.  Rather than enabling or following a path that has lead to challenge; seek out a new direction.

Position 5: Course of Action

Learn to let go of plans and expectations and don’t struggle with all the things you think you want or need. The Universe already knows what you are in need of. Let go of struggle or forging ahead on an outgrown path and allow room for Divine inspiration to lead you in new directions. Now is a time to be willing to accept change, and to allow your Higher Power to guide you towards better circumstances.

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