Frequently Asked Questions

Spiritual Guidance Tarot Questions & Answers

Below is a list of questions I receive most frequently and their answers. Should you have any further questions you are welcome to contact me.

How do free tarot readings work?

This website features 3 free readings you can draw for yourself at any time, whenever you feel the need for some extra guidance on your path. I offer a simple one card “What surrounds me” option, a three card reading that focuses on harmonizing body, mind, and spirit and, of course, a 5 card Spiritual Guidance Tarot reading.

You can find these readings via the navigation on every page of this website. I do not accept requests for free Tarot readings. You may use the DIY features here or consider purchasing an affordable professional reading from me.

Why should I get a paid reading with you over other sites?

Every person is different and I won’t tell you, or anyone that they should choose me over another reader. Your choice is a highly personal one.

What I can do is share with you what makes me a good choice: I have nearly 30 years of experience reading Tarot. I run and own this simple site and do personal readings for all my clients with an actual deck of cards and never a software package. I do not use scripts, charge hefty per minute fees, or give vague, meaningless card descriptions (as is the case with large sites that mass produce ” readings ” for hundreds of people a day).

It is just me, my own two hands, and a love of my craft and desire to help others succeed in life. I want everyone to reach their potential and I keep things positive, but I am also honest.

You aren’t going to grow by simply being told what you want to hear. If you get a reading from me be prepared that it may not always be ” unicorns and rainbows ” Life rarely is :). We grow through honest introspection and empowerment, which of course means a willingness to see things as they are, not as we wish they were.

What are your tarot reading fees?

I offer a range of services from as little as $10 for a custom email reading to $50 for a full 90-minute live session via a secure, private chatroom.

Despite my many years of experience, verifiable business record, and hundreds of satisfied clients I keep my fees modest and affordable. Why? Simple. I have a right to use my skills and talents to earn a living just like everyone else, however, I don’t believe in exploiting people or taking advantage, so I work to keep my pricing affordable.

This is also a hobby website for me and I work full-time as a freelancer. I do not pay to advertise, have huge overhead, employees, 900 lines etc. so my costs are not as great as larger sites.

Do you do phone readings?

No. I do live readings via a private chatroom on my website. This allows me to save transcripts for my clients that they can review later. I frankly don’t like phone readings. I find that trying to talk is a distraction to my process.

Awkward moments of silence or feeling I have to keep chatting when I want to focus mean the readings become stressful and draining for me and not as productive for you. Chat is just as thorough and we can cover a lot of territory – plus, you will have a transcript for later – bonus :).

Do you accept donations or gifts?

Yes, I accept ” coffee donations ” happily and with much gratitude. Every little bit helps defray hosting expenses and other such things that I must attend to monthly.

If you would like to make a donation to this site and my efforts to help me continue to provide so much great, free content look for the coffee cup graphic throughout the site and click on it. 🙂

What else do you do? Where can I find you?

In addition to this site, I work as a freelance writer and graphic designer. I have developed a couple of sites Totem Wisdom and Soul Numerology that you may also be interested in. You can learn about how to discover your totem animals and learn to calculate your own numerology charts – all for free of course :).

I am also a crafter/artist and I sell my own handmade products (soaps, lotion bars, sun catchers) at local markets and have a blog and site dedicated to helping other artists sell their wares at shows and festivals.

I also have a lot of Hubs I’ve written on various topics from self-help to frugal living and even tutorials on HubPages.  I do hope you’ll visit me at my other sites as well.


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